Spring Summer Trends :: Florals….in Springtime? Groundbreaking.

Erdem S/S 12 RTW – Photo via Morgan O’Donovan

Mary Katranzou S/S 12 RTW – Photo via Morgan O’Donovan

If you’ve seen the modern classic ‘The Devils Wears Prada’ then you’ll be familiar with the line delivered by Meryl Streep whilst sat in a meeting about the next edition of their magazine, where someone suggests featuring florals in their fashion pages. She replies in a beautifully sarcastic tone “Florals? In Springtime? Groundbreaking.” I love this line. But I also love florals, which you may already see on the high street now. They do seem to feature pretty much every year around this time, but its only natural (get it?) that  we consistently turn to prettifying our outfits after a hard, dreary winter. 

I, myself, am not a girly dresser. Every now and again is good for me, but I’m not all lace and florals. More bold prints and bright colours. However, like the last post I wrote about spring summer trends for 2012, I’m coming around to a little bit of floral, as long as its used like a bright colour, a little in the right way, for example a floral blouse or a bright flowery clutch. Just one piece is enough to bring your outfit in line with this recurring trend.

From left to right: Nina Ricci S/S 12 RTW ; Valentino S/S 12 RTW ; Christopher Kane S/S 12 RTW

(images via Style.com)

From left to right : Elizabeth Olsen wearing Erdem Resort 2012 Floral Pencil Skirt ; Streetstyle images via Who What Wear

(Images via CoolspottersThey All Hate Us and Who What Wear)

Trends aren’t important. Well, I don’t think so. Classic pieces always look better. But it never hurts to insert a little bit of trend. I find when I’m hurriedly dashing through my wardrobe, if something I pick out is on trend, as much as I’d like to say it was well considered, its more coincidence. When shopping on the high street, choose something because you love it, not like it. But love it. It should be that piece that, when you walk away from it, you can’t stop thinking about it, regretting not buying it and then, end up going back. Don’t buy something because its on trend. That’s not the right way to shop. If its on trend, its a bonus. If not, who cares. Buy it because you love it and it suits you. You can’t go wrong then. And that’s how I feel about this little selection below. Seeing these items together like this, I actually think they look terrible all together. But take these items in isolation, they will stand out and look amazing. These Topshop tropical print trousers would look amazing with a black baggy jumper and tan sandals, or a black racer back vest, neon yellow cuffs and black raffia wedges. They’re not classic trousers, of course, but come summer, they would fit quite nicely into your wardrobe, probably year after year. 

Top row from left to right : Diane Von Furstenberg Floral-print neoprene laptop case £55 from Net-A-Porter ; Topshop Hawaiian Floral Skinny Trousers £36 ; Urban Outfitters Floral Umbrella £16

Middle row from left to right : ASOS Fabric Envelope Clutch With Leather Trim £45 ; Ted Baker Tullio Printed Skirt £99 ; Ileana Makri Lace 18-karat rose gold diamond earrings £13,225 from Net-A-Porter ;

Bottom row from left to right : Zara Printed Trousers £39.99 ; Sandro Elegante Printed Silk Top £135Christopher Kane Laser-cut leather clutch £295 

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