New In / Earning Stripes with Mango


 Double breasted military-style jacket / Mango

T-shirt (old) / Topshop

Velvet Shoes / Topshop

Bag / Chanel

Vintage Levi 501’s / Levi’s
Cara Delevigne for Mango

You can trust the fashion industry to take any piece of functional clothing and turn it into something aesthetically wearable for the masses. Lets use the military jacket or the officers jacket as an example. Initially designed to represent authority, symbolic of the oligarch and a form of protection. The double breasted officers jacket caused a reaction amongst opposing troops, a parallel the jacket shares with fashion – to cause a visual reaction. And who better to embrace this than Jimi Hendrix, who in my opinion, wore it best. Hands down. Though Kate Moss was a pretty close contender. Designer favourites such as Saint Laurent, Balmain, McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier have all, at some point, added this notoriously British garment to their seasonal collections over time which may be out of reach for some of us, unless someone gets immensely lucky on eBay or Vestiare (they have so many!) however you can trust the high street to deliver a version accessible to all. Here are a few I’ve come across, including the beautiful Mango version I bought last week pictured and linked to above, which I wore today with my trusty Levi 501’s, so as not to look like someone who may start barking orders at innocent victims around me.

Black Military Jacket from Somerset by Alice Temperley

Red Military Jacket by Pinky Laing

Denim & Supply By Ralph Lauren Officer Jacket

 Images via Mango, Vogue, The Coveteur & Pinterest

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