My Weekend In Pictures

Oh, I know. I’ve jumped right on the back of this Instagram bandwagon, and why not? You take a picture and Instagram makes it look amazing! I need not explain more. 

Top row from left to right : Turquoise & silver are always a favourite ; Cosmetic organisation – most therapeutic ; A true vintage copy of Vogue March 1974 – Issue price back then was 35p!

Middle row from left to right : My trusty wardrobe – I have days, like we all do, when I can’t seem to find something to wear, but these days are few and far between. I love turning an old item into a whole new outfit ; one of my favourite pairs of shoes from Topshop – I love them for their patterns, their colour, their platform, their sheer beauty! ; a very old scarf I wore this week, the colours are so vibrant.

Bottom row from left to right : My mum arrived for a cup of tea this week, with this necklace as a gift – she thought I wouldn’t like it – what’s not to like! Merci Maman! ; A blush for every occasion – which one is my favourite? ; Two bracelets I made on Saturday night, inspired, as usual, by Honestly WTF.

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