Outfit / Beach House Hangs in the South of France


Devan Button-down by Cloth & Stone

Gauze Cami by Starkx

Fauna Feather Necklace by Catherine Weitzman

Athene Stone Drop Earrings 

Gilded Paths Cuff

Olivia Burton Obsidian Watch

Generally in life, my outlook is we can sleep when we’ve moved on. Which means every day is pretty much packed with some kind of activity/event/engagement. This theory doesn’t stop at general life, it also applies to holidays. I don’t want to travel so far to sit in one place for two weeks? I don’t see the point in travelling to the same place every year, to revisit the same places over and over. Not unless they’re so special, you can’t let them go from your mind. Last year, during our road trip around California, each day was filled with a new activity, something new to see. I’d waited too long to visit the west coast of America not to see something new every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no dictator of the clock. I don’t make a timetable of what we should be doing every day. I just want to make the most of every moment and see all I can until its time for me to move on. I don’t wish to sound morbid, quite the opposite actually. Life is too short to sit around, waiting. Just keep moving.

After all said and done, our holiday this time around has been very different. Lazy days in our holiday shack, long beach days swimming in the sea until the sun sets, returning to the house for supper with salty hair and sticky skin, beaching ourselves on beach blankets with a book too good to leave alone. Its been a revelation in vacationing and as much as I thought I couldn’t stomach a holiday of such seaside-slobbery, I’ve enjoyed every single second. But, I also have a confession – I am terrible at relaxing. I cannot switch off. So much so, sometimes it affects my health. I still don’t know why, even in my thirties – but what I do know is how important it is to escape every day life to enable ourselves to reset back to default mode. Back to being a child. Being an adult with many responsibilities doesn’t always allow us to switch off, we’re always on duty, we always have someone else relying on us to do ‘something’ for them. Escaping from this means an element of selfishness is allowed, its more acceptable and I most definitely know 100% that I need a little more of this therapy in my life.

Holiday dressing is always reflected by my mood. At home, its often structured, sometimes considered and most definitely a functional uniform. Away from home, it consists of unbuttoned shirts, a lack of underwear, beach hair, the permanence of a bikini or two, some thrown on jewellery for long evenings discussing questions we may normally not have the time to consider, watching lizards scuttle along walls and creep amongst the shadows, seeking their next meal. Whatever the case, adorning myself with gold or silver is always a prerequisite. I’m yet to find a solution for transporting jewellery where unknotting necklaces before I can wear them is avoided, though perhaps I should just wear them all, as a solution, whilst travelling to our destination. I can see that working. This holiday, I brought some new pieces along with me, which I found at Anthropologie and I’m pretty sure they’ll be worn on high rotation. They’re all unique in their own way, which is basically how the Anthropologie brand positions itself – you won’t generally find pieces you find here, anywhere else. I remember the first time I went into an Anthropologie shop in Miami almost ten years ago and never wanting to leave – their shop interior design obviously aims to create this strong desire amongst their customers and I fell for it completely. Now I’m a huge fan, visiting their website at least once a week (its true!) since I can’t always get to their gargantuan store in London, which is probably a good thing as I’m considering moving in on my arrival back in England.

Oh, and if you struggle with plant styling your home, I strongly recommend taking a visit for some inspiration – they have a wall of greenery like you’ve seen in the movies. And I challenge you to leave the shop without a purchase. It won’t happen, but I’d like to see you prove me wrong.

A bientot for now and grand bisous from the South of France.

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