New / Jimmy Choo Gala Flats – Essential A/W Footwear

Jimmy Choo Gala

Its that time of year when those of us who are constantly thinking about what’s next, start thinking about what we’ll we wearing on rotation for the coming Autumn/Winter months. Last year I bought a pair of black flat shoes from Mango which I wore until they literally fell apart. They were leather, a reasonable price, they did their job and they lasted well, though they won’t see another season, which is why I decided I needed to replace them with a similar pair. I’ve been admiring small, sophisticated bows on shoes for sometime now, though was always of the conclusion that they were a little too pretty for my feet. But when I came across these Jimmy Choo Gala flats, with the most perfect sized bow, I knew these were the ones. The texture on the leather is super-chic too, adding more interest and a touch of modern sophistication, than classic smooth leather. And with a grosgrain square ribbon gracing the sharp pointy toe, I can say goodbye to toes that have lived in sand for the last month and hello to the chic Parisienne-esque flat Gala – splendid in all its glory and defiantly practical in all levels of comfort. Well, after I come back from my next trip to Ibiza next week. Promise.

Jimmy Choo Gala Flats

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