Edit / Warehouse Autumn Collection

Warehouse A/W 2014

When I was sent the Warehouse Lookbook for this seasons new collection, I knew instantly it was a winner. Naval inspiration and nordic detail create a statement uniform for the urban folk heroine. A strong palette of black and deep navy, blended together with caramel, ochre and hints of velvety red wine allow texture to become a focal point of the collection. Leather, suede and mongolian fur trims bring the smudgy kohl-eyed rock heroine to the street, whilst baby soft cashmere and winter bohemian tapestry prints illustrate the beauty found within city life. 

Shop the Warehouse latest Autumn collection here. I most definitely will be – my edited current favourites are below:


Embroidered High Neck Top


Brown Sleeveless Waterfall Jacket


Red Stitch Loose Crew Jumper


Brown Suede Buckled Heeled Boots


Brown Suede A-Line Skirt


Denim Straight Leg Jeans

New / Python Print Booties for Autumn

Aldo Innocentina Python Print Ankle Boots

I’m wearing Innocentina Python Print Ankle Boots from Aldo

Whilst scouting online for a new pair of black boots for Autumn (and also whilst moodboarding the last blog post) I became waylaid and stumbled across the most perfect, super-on-trend pair of boots I subsequently almost lost sleep over. I bought them the following day. I love them. Welcome to the club, new booties.

Autumn Mood + Season Edit / A Modern Love Story

A Modern Love Story // Feathers & Frills

The summer of love is slowly transforming itself into a muted version for Autumn. Whether or not you’ve embraced the 70’s revival, its here to stay for a little while longer. Autumn is the lesser bohemian version of its Summer sister…the colours have become richer and darker and fabrics have naturally become more embellished, heavier and warmer for reasons of practicality and after-dark naughtiness. With Love Story being one of my all-time favourite movies, mainly due to Ali McGraw being a lifetime muse, it was an instinctive task to create a mood board as a starting point for the new season, which then naturally led onto introducing a number of key pieces to invest in, perhaps not to be worn all at once, but most definitely a curation most of us could gradually introduce into our warmer wardrobes to wear over the coming months….


Above : Stuart Weitzman Leggylady Over-The-Knee Suede Boots

Whether we like it or not, the OTK boot is here to stay. They made their initial appearance last Autumn and have clearly made an impact with us all, because they’re back again with even more choice than before. Personally I love them with a skirt with no more than an inch between the hem and the top of the boots. It’s a risky look, but its my preference, though they can look just as stylish with skinny jeans or a button-down A-line midi denim skirt, perhaps with a few undone buttons for a slice of je ne sais quoi. However you wear them, they’re a sure way of keeping your wardrobe fresh and on trend, not just just for Autumn, but for the foreseeable future. Like a cute puppy, the OTK boot is not just for Christmas.

Alternative Options:

 ASOS Kickster Over-The-Knee Boots

Office Eden Stretch Over-The-Knee Boots


Above : Polo Neck Sweater from Zara

We may be sick of seeing the eyebrow-pulling-down static-hair-creating polo neck by the time April next year arrives, however its an essential part of any wardrobe at the best of times, never more so than this season. Worn underneath a denim shirt, a loose cashmere jumper with skinny jeans and your OTK boots, its a versatile piece so worth investing a few pennies in. This pick above is from Zara, selected for its tiny buttons along the sleeves however there are hundreds available to us on the high street and online. Personally, navy blue and black are my preferred colours – subtle, flattering and painfully classic but a burnt-orange soft number under a western shirt with a tan suede rope belt tied a couple of times around the waist is a clear winning look for the season. 

Alternative Options:

Extra Soft Merino Rib Polo Neck Jumper from Uniqlo

Cashmere Classic Polo Neck Jumper from Johnstons of Elgin


Above : Ruffle Tie Blouse from Topshop

I’m a shirt lover through and through but this season allows the billowing blouse to have its moment again. Whether or not you choose a Victoriana look, the bohemian pussy bow or you simply add a slinky DIY narrow black scarf a la Chloe to an old faithful, you’re bound to fall head over heels in love with this wardrobe staple again. 

Alternative options :

Pussybow Blouse from Warehouse

Blouse with neckline bow from Zara


Above : Leather Fringe Jacket from Zara

Fringe can definitely be overdone and I personally feel its a trend on the verge of being high fashion, merely because of the amount we’re seeing it on the high street, however as we all know, fringed jackets have been around for decades, with bikers and cowboys being some of the greatest pioneers. If fringe is going to be something you’d like to integrate into your wardrobe, keeping it simple and subtle is the best starting point with a bag or a pair of boots. Unless you love the flamboyance, ignore all previous advise and don’t hold back one bit.

Alternative options :

Mango Fringe Cape

The Laden Showroom X Absense of Colour Suede Fringe Jacket from ASOS


Above : Heel suede ankle boots from Mango

Burnt orange has been a predominant colour this summer and it won’t be migrating to warmer climates like our birds – its here to stay for a little while longer. It looks pretty striking with indigo, so wear your jeans cropped and flared and show off your orange beauties with autumnal confidence.

Alternative options :

70’s Block Heel Boots from River Island

Etiwiel Suede Boots from Aldo


Above : Leopard Faux Fur Coat from Mango

Last but not least, its the leopard print coat. No longer considered wear for bar ladies alone, its a staple, a pre-requisite for any wardrobe. They never, ever date, look so chic worn with skin-tight black jeans, pointy black boots and a black fedora, if you feel like going incognito and are therefore an investment worth every penny. This Mango version above is cut a little shorter than many, therefore giving it a slightly mod-rock tomboyish look which means I’m sold, of course, but as you know, thats not difficult.

New / Jimmy Choo Gala Flats – Essential A/W Footwear

Jimmy Choo Gala

Its that time of year when those of us who are constantly thinking about what’s next, start thinking about what we’ll we wearing on rotation for the coming Autumn/Winter months. Last year I bought a pair of black flat shoes from Mango which I wore until they literally fell apart. They were leather, a reasonable price, they did their job and they lasted well, though they won’t see another season, which is why I decided I needed to replace them with a similar pair. I’ve been admiring small, sophisticated bows on shoes for sometime now, though was always of the conclusion that they were a little too pretty for my feet. But when I came across these Jimmy Choo Gala flats, with the most perfect sized bow, I knew these were the ones. The texture on the leather is super-chic too, adding more interest and a touch of modern sophistication, than classic smooth leather. And with a grosgrain square ribbon gracing the sharp pointy toe, I can say goodbye to toes that have lived in sand for the last month and hello to the chic Parisienne-esque flat Gala – splendid in all its glory and defiantly practical in all levels of comfort. Well, after I come back from my next trip to Ibiza next week. Promise.

Jimmy Choo Gala Flats

Outfit / Beach House Hangs in the South of France


Devan Button-down by Cloth & Stone

Gauze Cami by Starkx

Fauna Feather Necklace by Catherine Weitzman

Athene Stone Drop Earrings 

Gilded Paths Cuff

Olivia Burton Obsidian Watch

Generally in life, my outlook is we can sleep when we’ve moved on. Which means every day is pretty much packed with some kind of activity/event/engagement. This theory doesn’t stop at general life, it also applies to holidays. I don’t want to travel so far to sit in one place for two weeks? I don’t see the point in travelling to the same place every year, to revisit the same places over and over. Not unless they’re so special, you can’t let them go from your mind. Last year, during our road trip around California, each day was filled with a new activity, something new to see. I’d waited too long to visit the west coast of America not to see something new every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no dictator of the clock. I don’t make a timetable of what we should be doing every day. I just want to make the most of every moment and see all I can until its time for me to move on. I don’t wish to sound morbid, quite the opposite actually. Life is too short to sit around, waiting. Just keep moving.

After all said and done, our holiday this time around has been very different. Lazy days in our holiday shack, long beach days swimming in the sea until the sun sets, returning to the house for supper with salty hair and sticky skin, beaching ourselves on beach blankets with a book too good to leave alone. Its been a revelation in vacationing and as much as I thought I couldn’t stomach a holiday of such seaside-slobbery, I’ve enjoyed every single second. But, I also have a confession – I am terrible at relaxing. I cannot switch off. So much so, sometimes it affects my health. I still don’t know why, even in my thirties – but what I do know is how important it is to escape every day life to enable ourselves to reset back to default mode. Back to being a child. Being an adult with many responsibilities doesn’t always allow us to switch off, we’re always on duty, we always have someone else relying on us to do ‘something’ for them. Escaping from this means an element of selfishness is allowed, its more acceptable and I most definitely know 100% that I need a little more of this therapy in my life.

Holiday dressing is always reflected by my mood. At home, its often structured, sometimes considered and most definitely a functional uniform. Away from home, it consists of unbuttoned shirts, a lack of underwear, beach hair, the permanence of a bikini or two, some thrown on jewellery for long evenings discussing questions we may normally not have the time to consider, watching lizards scuttle along walls and creep amongst the shadows, seeking their next meal. Whatever the case, adorning myself with gold or silver is always a prerequisite. I’m yet to find a solution for transporting jewellery where unknotting necklaces before I can wear them is avoided, though perhaps I should just wear them all, as a solution, whilst travelling to our destination. I can see that working. This holiday, I brought some new pieces along with me, which I found at Anthropologie and I’m pretty sure they’ll be worn on high rotation. They’re all unique in their own way, which is basically how the Anthropologie brand positions itself – you won’t generally find pieces you find here, anywhere else. I remember the first time I went into an Anthropologie shop in Miami almost ten years ago and never wanting to leave – their shop interior design obviously aims to create this strong desire amongst their customers and I fell for it completely. Now I’m a huge fan, visiting their website at least once a week (its true!) since I can’t always get to their gargantuan store in London, which is probably a good thing as I’m considering moving in on my arrival back in England.

Oh, and if you struggle with plant styling your home, I strongly recommend taking a visit for some inspiration – they have a wall of greenery like you’ve seen in the movies. And I challenge you to leave the shop without a purchase. It won’t happen, but I’d like to see you prove me wrong.

A bientot for now and grand bisous from the South of France.


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