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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello!

    I’ve just discovered your blog through the LK Bennett website so thought I’d pay you a visit!

    (I love LKB) but like you I have children (3 under 5) so nowadays I spend my time falling in love with the next pair of dream shoes, before my practical side kicks in screaming ‘Hang on! Are they really going to be suitable for the school run?’ Answer nearly always is no!

    Anyway, I love the blouse you wore on that PR day: can I be nosy & ask where’s it from? I bought a similar vintage-esque blouse from Aubin & Wills last week and really love that sort of style. Might be another one to add to the wardrobe!


    • Hi Sarah – Thank you for visiting my site! I’m not quite sure which shirt you mean as I can’t see any photos on my blog from then (I’m probably being dense) Was it grey? If so, I got it from H&M last week. If not, please let me know what it looks like so I can let you know! Best wishes x

  2. Hello!

    It has a white frill detailing on the front cascading down & mandarin collar. Looks too good to be H&M but you never know!!

    It/You are on the LKBloggers Event pictures on the LKBwebsite…holding the ISSA shoe


    • Ah, it’s a Fenn Wright Manson shirt from TK Maxx; I had no idea pictures were up on their site, so I’ll take a look. Hope that helped! Thank you for letting me know! x

  3. First of all I love your style.
    I would immediately take all of your clothes 😉
    Second I saw this lovely black vintage adidas sneakers and totally fell in love with them.
    I know they are super rare but if you could give me a hint (a name or something) where I could probably find them, I would be so grateful!
    Thanks a lot and keep on doing this great inspos!!

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