Making a return.

Falling for fall.

Wool Blend Long Cardigan / Mango  Equipment Washed Silk Shirt / Net-A-Porter

Progenius Skin Serum / Space.NK   Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea by Aqua Di Parma / Space.NK

Percey Crystal Sunglasses / Warby Parker  Rado Sintra Watch / Rado   

Yellow-gold small hoop earrings / Julien David  Modern Wishbone Ring / Bouton  

Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag / Bottega Veneta  Croc-effect slippers / Mango 

Hey! I’m back! Well, actually, we returned from California last Wednesday, but with jet-lag, a mammoth birthday party we threw and a broken elbow, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to spend some time getting myself together. What’s that? A broken elbow? Oh yeah. Well, I fell off a skateboard in the middle of the Mojave Desert and cracked my left elbow. I got to a hospital the next day and had it put into a cast, but as soon as I returned home and visited a UK doctor, they removed it straightaway because due to the break, it would be a hindrance to me, rather than help heal the break. I have a lot less pain now my arm is free again, and I’m regaining some use of the muscles after they got pretty stiff and with some physiotherapy, it’ll hopefully be back to normal in no time.

A California post will be on its way as soon as I edit my photos. I have some cool posts to come, including a short guide to some cool places to visit in California. I also have some changes up my sleeve which I’m going to share within the next month – September’s always a time for starting afresh or making improvements for me, its definitely linked with those balmy back to school days.

Right. Onto more important things. One thing I kind of feel torn about with my wardrobe is how it changes so drastically during the spring and summer. Come Autumn/Winter, its simple, feminine yet slightly androgynous and minimal, whereas in Spring and Summer, its luxe-bohemian with lace and denim playing a predominant role. I mean, its nothing to stress about, I realise, but sometimes, it makes me feel a little confused about myself, because these styles aren’t really linked in an obvious way, but I guess its the same for most people. And in many ways, it makes sense that the seasons aren’t linked, especially when it comes to trends though I’m not so much about trends these days than classic dressing with a little trend influence here and there. With Autumn approaching and temperatures dropping slightly, I definitely feel like starting to dress differently already. The light changes, it becomes softer and warmer, and the days become shorter – its a kind of anti-climax after such easy-breezy summer weather, but then I also quite like getting cosy in layers, knitwear, hats and scarves, though that doesn’t last long. Until December, then I’m over it and craving heat, lace and neoprene bikinis again.

This outfit is a seamless way to ease into autumn – layering and city shorts – it doesn’t get much better. I’ll be dressing in this outfit pretty soon, its so perfect for leafy strolls and steaming coffees on a Saturday morning.

Belle & Bunty Loves…

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4
You know my girls over at Belle & Bunty? You know the ones….designers, creators, vintage lovers, babes, flirtatiously British….ok, ok, enough already. Let’s get to the point. Today marks the launch of Belle & Bunty LOVES, a curated selection of fashion finds, reflecting their style, which have shaped their current day-to-day wardrobe, and beyond and this Embroidered Tunic is part of their hand picked range and honestly, it’s one of my favourite dresses in my entire wardrobe, perfect for our travels through the Californian desert. You can see the entire Belle & Bunty LOVES range here – see if you can resist what I have my eye on for my next treat – the Gold Ball Bracelet is a bit special. Keep an eye out for more pictures on Instagram till I can update the blog!




Crochet Shorts / Topshop   //  Milly Bikini / Triangl

Silver Cuff / Dixi (Similar here)   //   Beaded Tassle Bracelet / Anni Lu

Bandhani Shawl  / And London   //   Lo-Pro Vans / Vans

RayBan Aviator Sunglasses / Zalando

Tomorrow, we’re heading to California for a road trip we’ve been planning since January. And I’m talking a winnebago road-trip from LA to Las Vegas. Its a well known and popular route, I realise, so no points for originality, but its definitely one of those holidays up there with the best you could do. After staying in Santa Monica for a few days with a trip to see family in Palm Springs, we’re heading up to Malibu and Santa Barbara before heading through the Mojave desert to the Grand Canyon and then Vegas as our final destination. Follow me on Instagram for updates as its unlikely I’ll be writing here while we’re away. See you soon!

Seasonal Reveal


IMG_3871 IMG_3883IMG_3889

Backless Linen Top / Stella + Alf

Levi Cut-Off Shorts / Gone Retro

Ankle Boots / H&M (Similar Here)

Single Pearl Bracelet / Anni Lu

RayBan Aviators / Zalando

There’s only one time of year when its ok to show some skin and thats when its 25 degrees every day. And when you live in England, thats one thing you don’t often find yourself saying. Notoriously, our part of the world has had a string of bad summers, resorting with the general public having one thing in common – that being a very vocal and often socially painful conversation of reminiscing over ‘that summer’ we all remember of long, sticky days and endless balmy evenings, where no other month of July can surpass that one point in time. Not this year. And not last year either. We’ve been blessed with so much sunshine this summer, that its oozing from our rain-filled pores. I’m trying not to think about the next time it rains and a passer-by utters ‘knew it wouldn’t last’ as they tut, roll their eyes, look up at the sky before bowing their head as they trudge on. Weather-talk, as I’m sure you’ve already grasped, is my number one pet hate, so lets stick on some Bob Marley, turn it up loud, open a beer and dance in the garden with the ones you love, wearing as little as possible, while we can.

P.S For those wondering what the scar on my back is, I had heart surgery when I was a small child though I have been known to successfully convince an enquiring onlooker that my scar is the result of a crocodile roll.




With the amount of stress I’ve put my hair through in the last few months, my hair literally drinks this Moroccan Oil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner almost from the bottle itself. I’ve tried other Argan Oil products for my hair and frankly, nothing comes close to this. And that scent? It makes me weak at the knees. Try this travel bundle if you’re not convinced.

And if there’s one moisturiser you could ever use, its Kiehls Creme de Corps. There’s a reason its the lotion used on Victorias Secrets models before they walk the catwalks in their world-famous barely-clad shows. Its a super-product, trust me. And worth every penny, because its true what they say – you get what you pay for. Buy it here.


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