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In 1970′s California, the summer was so hot, the state declared an official drought and many pool owners had to empty their pools in an attempt to preserve the Cali agua. On the other side of the city, surfers waiting for the swell they could only dream about turned to skateboarding to quench their thirst (there really was no pun intended there) which lasted until the general public became so aggravated by skateboarding kids on every street corner, that they were pretty much pushed out of all public spaces, with some kids even being fined for skateboarding in public. With dried up swimming pools going to waste and a growing culture of alienated kids of Cali, some dude named Tony Alva, in one swift move, created a moment in history by skating these bowls, bringing into existence the raddest rides in the city and becoming a street hero at the same time. What a ledge.

I’ve always had a thing for 70′s fashion and I’ve always had a thing for skateboarding and surfing – mix the two up and you have some pretty awesome inspo. Personally, I think its pretty hard to replicate authentically without looking like you’re headed to a fancy dress party but I’m definitely happy to sit back and observe.

P.S Sorry for being M.I.A – we went road trippin’ down South.

P.P.S I can’t take any credit for the amazing images/montages above – I found them here.

Summer Basics

Summer Basics

1. Free People Sleeveless Drapey Open Back Tank / 2. Dakota Native Bull Earrings from Dixi / 3. Demeter Rain Fragrance / 4. One Teaspoon Cobain Bonitas Denim Shorts / 5. Soludos Classic Striped Espadrilles from Shopbop / 6. Aolani Turquoise Amulet Cuff from Dixi / 7. Chevron Striped Towel from H&M

It happens every year. The moment the clocks change, so does my style. In the winter its sombre, serious and dark, therefore Spring and Summer become naturally rebellious. Style may be sedate, but effortless nonetheless. And the same rules apply – keep it simple, add a splash of white, some form of denim and you’re pretty much almost there.






Whilst clearing out my dressing table last week, I came across this Rimmel Instant Tan I bought and never used a while ago, which I put in the drawer for another day. That day, it turns out was Sunday, and with nothing better to do with my time, I thought I should give this beastly product a try. I mean, look at the colour of it. That is proper scary. With a foundation brush which I cautiously dipped in the tar-like puddle, I gently brushed (and brushed and blended and brushed) a teensy amount onto my cheeks. With a lot of quick blending (it has to be quick, it stains your skin if you leave it too long) in front of a mirror that was purposefully angled in front of the window, my face started to glow. I added little bit of my regular foundation to even out the colour and I genuinely looked like I’d popped over to the Bahamas for a long weekend and that was confirmed when someone even asked me if I’d been away. Concerned that I looked like Scott Mills, I quickly shared my secret of the magic mud-like substance and they promptly wanted to know more. I took that as a pretty good indication that it looked reasonable and that no member of Jersey Shores had in no shape or form been involved with the application. Whats even better is that this washes off, and you can start all over again tomorrow. No need for scrubbing with lemons or expensive stinky fake tan and brown bed sheets – this shizzle is the future, people. And no, this is not sponsored. This is the real deal.

Tomorrow’s Tribe









Not always the most wearable trend, tribal has always been one of my favourites, especially with a linear daub of paint or a chalky smudge on the face. Styled with ease and clearly a well-researched theme, Katie Mossman and Sebastian Kim teamed up with Vogue Australia to produce striking imagery for the April 2014 issue.

Marina Nery Styled by Katie Mossman / Hair by Bok Hee / Make-Up by Mariel Barrera / Photographed by Sebastian Kim

Images via The Fashionography

This is no fable.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1


Whether its because I’ve wanted to try this for so long and just never got around to buying it, or the fact that its rammed full of natural amazingness, this Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream by Aesop is a little firecracking-jar of heaven. Even after the first application, the skin on my face felt softer than has in a while. I’m now addicted and seeking my next Aesop hit. I can think of worse vices. Buy your Aesop products here or here.


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