IMG_8220.JPGLatest obsession – wearing a shirt slightly undone, for a less-preppy relaxed look.

Shirt by Aquascutum – Alternatives from  Matches and Ted Baker 

Leather Skirt from Topshop – Alternatives from River Island and Topshop

Lace by sunset

IMG_4346IMG_4361IMG_4364 IMG_4370 IMG_4371 IMG_4373 IMG_4414 IMG_4416Its true. You never can have enough jeans. Skinny, boyfriend, 7/8th cropped, vintage, blue, black, grey and flared. I love flared jeans, especially in jet black, the most flattering colour. This pair I’m wearing here, for me, are a pair I bought to try out the style before investing. I guess this can sometimes backfire, because, not that I want to draw attention to my flaws, but these aren’t right for me. They’re the wrong wash, not my favourite tough denim (too much lycra), I don’t like the pockets and I don’t like the way they hang. However, and its a big however, it hasn’t completely put me off, because I know for a fact that flares can be uber-flattering, if you find the right style for you. We’re all different, we’re all unique – what looks good one someone else won’t necessarily look good on me or you and that can work the other way around too. Persistance is the key and I shall not give up. Here are three pairs I fancy trying next time : The Marrakesh Jean from MiH / Hutton Medium Rise Wide Leg from Citizens of Humanity / The 1197 Velvet Martini by J Brand.

Lace top (similar here and here) and sandals (old) from Zara / Jeans from H&M / Bag from Chanel / Watch from Shore Projects

Time to bask.

photo 1-2 photo 2-2 photo 3-1Chanel Le Vernis in Black Satin / Grown Alchemist Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream / No7 Pore Vacuum Mask / The Bathory Bask Bath Soak / Alternative Apparel Fairfax Sweatpants  & Side Slit Henley Shirt

I’m not a massive bather. I’d like to be, but I’m not so great at putting time aside for relaxing treats like bath time, manicures, facials. I promise myself I will but I generally forget. At least with bath time, when I  do remember, its an hour of self-indulgence in the privacy of your own home, unlike a facial. Candles, oils, bath salts, creams, a face pack and some uber-slouchy gear to slip into for the after-party. The Bathory bath soak was all it took for me to become hooked on spoiling myself, mainly because you get to create it yourself – you choose the kind of soak you’d like, for example a detoxing bath or pure relaxation. Then select the oils (my favourites are bergamot and frankincense) – you can choose up to three, then the experts at The Bathory blend it all together, bottle it and send it out to you the following day. After purging your body of toxins, your skin can then reap the benefits of the ingredients within the soak, making you feel revitalised yet sleepy enough to snooze all Autumn long. Though don’t forget to wash your face mask off – its no good having skin like a peach and a face like a gorilla, not that I have anything against primates.

The Statement Earring

photo 4There have been times before when wearing one statement earring was the right thing to do. I may have played along, I don’t remember, but maybe only one time. BUT (and its a big but) when Louis Vuitton and Celine say its ok, then its something I need to reconsider. Because, yes. Sometimes I am a slave to all things commercial, all things material. Not often, but this time, I am. And its all because of this image. Its goes without saying that anything Carine Roitfeld touches, becomes as stylish as she and this image proves the point beyond all argument.

So let’s discuss. What do we think? Do we love? Or do we not? Does it look like we’re trying too hard? Or does it take a certain type of person or look, to be able to pull it off and therefore they don’t look like they’re trying too hard? Or does it depend on the style of the earring? Should you wear your hair up or down? For me, its all of the above. Its all the ingredients, but then that rule applies to most looks that convince us all its effortless.

Because of the style of this earring, this look works. If the earring was a chandelier or a hoop, I don’t think it would look as covetable. It works because its one earring, and not two. Two earrings would be one too many. Too flouncy. Too matchy matchy. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe its just about styling. Maybe its just about attitude and innovation. Maybe its about none of this, and its about just doing what you want because you feel it looks right.

photo 2 photo 5

photo 1

I’m wearing an earring from Zara and shirt by Aquascutum.

Stories & An Obsession with anti-colour

Lykke Li vs & Other Stories

 Glossy Flats /Slender Leather Belt / Lykke Li Cashmere Sweater / Classic Wallet / Pleat Shoulder BagLykke Li Loafers

I have a major obsession with & Other Stories. I cannot fail to find anything I dislike on their site. I can also say, as I own two pairs of their shoes (obvs), that the quality is high, considering its a high street label and worth spending just a little bit more on. Think minimal, slightly experimental, quasi-designer – they most definitely give some designer labels a run for their money, doncha think?

This was supposed to be a post about coats, but I found too many things and I couldn’t keep them to myself. Hurry up pay day…hurry up Santa….hurry up birthday….Save some for me.


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