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Jewellery. Whether its a ‘fat’ day, a ‘bad hair’ day (though sometimes nothing but a hair wash can correct that one) or a ‘why do I have nothing to wear’ kind of day, delving into a box of jewellery has always, for me, been an effective way of breathing life back into a tired closet or favourite-outfit-on-repeat-and-now-i-need-something-new. Recently I came across Monocrafft jewellery and haven’t been able to let their unique ear decor leave my mind and I don’t think it’ll happen until I invest. With so much saturation of cheap jewellery on the high street, its refreshing to find affordable handmade inimitable jewellery pieces. I’m not knocking the high street, but with ever-growing importance of supporting small businesses and independent artists, I definitely know which option I’d pick (and be picking when payday arrives)

Inspiration / The Peacock Chair

peack_chair_8 peacock_chair_1 peacock_chair_2 peacock_chair_4 peacock_chair_6Images via Pinterest

In addition to 70’s fashion, I’m also a little (alot) obsessed with 70’s furniture with the infamous Peacock Chair high on my list of pieces to acquire this year. Alongside 13 cheese plants and a handful of dreamcatchers with Dukes of Hazzard on loop. On DVD of course, as we don’t have a Betamax player. Yet.


Inspiration / Modern day 1970

pinterestpinterest2pinterest4pinterest5chloess15_1 chloess15_2 chloess15_3 chloess15_4 chloess15_5 chloess15_6 chloess15_7 Vogue-Italia-January-2015-Hollie-May-Saker-por-Steven-Meisel-11 Vogue-Italia-January-2015-Hollie-May-Saker-por-Steven-Meisel-11b Vogue-Italia-January-2015-Hollie-May-Saker-por-Steven-Meisel-11v Vogue-Italia-January-2015-Hollie-May-Saker-por-Steven-Meisel-11vv Vogue-Italia-January-2015-Hollie-May-Saker-por-Steven-Meisel-11w tumblr_1 tumblr_2 Style: "FP2"Jennifer-Lawrence-in-Vogue-UK-November-2012-Editorial-8 tumblr_5 tumblr_6 tumblr_7 tumblr_8 tumblr_9 tumblr_10 tumblr_11Images via Dazed MagazineBlog In Voga, Visual OptimismThey All Hate Us and Pinterest

I must be honest. I’ve been absent for a while, and I apologise. December is never an easy month, no matter what people tell you. Juggling becomes the most important survival skill and eventually takes it toll which is exactly what happened. I was exhausted, drained and in need of withdrawing myself from the big wide world, for some quiet time, ideally in Marrakesh, but at home was good enough. I must admit my confidence also took a bit of a hit, I was knocked a bit sideways and it was skewing my perspective of everything, leading me to begin to consider all sorts of alternatives and new avenues to replace a potentially redundant blog. However, if you’re reading this, then I guess you’ve been here before so, fear not, I haven’t decided to throw in the towel – breathing space was all I needed. And now I’m back, easing myself back in steadily, like a steaming hot Epsom-salted bath (of which I have recently taken many using my favourite Bathory salts who also seem to have taken a break from their old routine).

If you’re interested, here’s what I got up to:

1) Watched Girls Season 2 2) Watched Girls Season 3 3) Weeped when Homeland ended 4) Bought a lot of house plants 5) Did some room-swapping at home 6)Built some shelves 7) Burned a lot of candles 8) Cooked Vietnamese food 9) Hung some art 10) Played a lot of Monopoly 11) Read The Age of Miracles – highly recommend this.

Things I didn’t do:

1) Go outdoors enough 2) Clear up the home office (I just shut the door on that one for a while longer) 3) Didn’t finish reading Shantaram 4) Didn’t drink enough water 5) Didn’t sleep enough.

Let’s move onto the fashion theme, as thats probably why you’re here. You must know by now how much I’m into that Seventies thang (if you’re Cali-based) thing if you’re rest-of-the-world based. And my constant desire to stay visually inspired and stimulated has hit an all-time high. I was always into Seventies-bohemian-luxe, but with it being the biggest trend yet for Spring/Summer 15 it means that there are so many inspiring editorials and products becoming available that may otherwise be hard to get hold of, it is definitely going to be an expensive few months. I found a whole new bunch of images published, old and new and conclude three things 1) Can I pull off the turban? 2) Where can I get one? 3) Its reassuring to see that leaving your hair to dry naturally is again a thing. I’m off to contemplate these important questions. Peace out, folks.


Inspiration / Retro Grade

It’s always been my favourite decade for fashion. Suede, velvet, laces, shearling, shirred yokes, flares, kimono sleeves, raglan, side burns and chest hair. Well, maybe not the last two, at least not for us girls. And with a tsunami-wave of 70’s style heading our way, I genuinely predict the trend will never have been as prominent as it will be come 2015 (and even if it isn’t, I’ll be reppin’ it on my own). As with all trends re-presenting themselves, they always have, and need, a modern perspective. Vintage pieces can be added for an authentic vibe, but for me, that should be done in small doses, so as to avoid any semblance to that of Dr Who/Jeffery-from-Rainbow. Modern seventies luxe is where its at. And here’s a little inspo – some of my all-time favourite editorials from the last couple of years, put together by world-class talent, making my heart beat just a little bit faster every time I sit, look and dream.


Isabeli Fontana By Scott Trindle, Styled by Geraldine Saglio for Vogue Paris November 14

Vogue-Netherlands-May-2013-Mijo-Mihaljcic-by-Marc-De-Groot-4 Vogue-Netherlands-May-2013-Mijo-Mihaljcic-by-Marc-De-Groot-8


Mijo Mihaljcic by Marc De Groot, Styled by Jos van Heel for Vogue Netherlands May 2013


Iselin Steiro by Josh Olins, Styled by Claire Richardson

0 4 8 10 11 12 28 56 66 110

 Anna Ewers by Glen Luchford, Styled by Jane How for Vogue UK October 2014

1 2 3 5 6 7

001 002 003 004 005 008 009 011 012

 Suvi Koponen by Glen Luchford, Styled by Jane How for Vogue UK April 14

634c8448-ba73-433b-abb4-59c0a5175721-18851 634c8448-ba73-433b-abb4-59c0a5175721-18856 634c8448-ba73-433b-abb4-59c0a5175721-18858 634c8448-ba73-433b-abb4-59c0a5175721-18871 634c8448-ba73-433b-abb4-59c0a5175721-18873Stoned Immaculate Vintage Lookbook

New / Heyonca Suede Fringe Jacket / Looks III, VI & V

Firstly, I owe you an apology. I’ve been missing in action, I realise, without explanation. But I’m back. Actually my hubby took me away to New York for 5 days as a birthday surprise so its not too dramatic, however pretty exciting, of course and I’ll write up about it as soon as my head is back on Planet Earth and not in the fluffy nauseating world of jet lag.

So back to the Essentiel Suede Fringe Jacket. So far, I’ve worn it two ways, and now its time for the remaining three out of the five looks. First up, with my new old vintage Levis denim skirt found from Rags-A-Go-Go, an awesome vintage shop in The Village, NYC, worn with another thrifted t-shirt from a tiny store in Tehachapi and these patent leather mules from H&M I bought a couple of months ago. Its a retro look, but modern enough to wear everyday without looking like an extra from Anchorman.

IMG_4798 IMG_4794 IMG_4790 IMG_4782

Its pretty chilly here in England at the moment, even too cold to wear this jacket on some days, so layering it up over a roll-neck sweater and wearing a gilet/bodywarmer/vest – whatever you like to call it – over the top is a genius way of wearing half your wardrobe. I found this one up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last week and love that you can throw it on, even over another jacket for a warm, therefore practical yet stylish alternative to being trussed up to look like a Michelin-man in a padded mattress-style extravaganza. I’m wearing a roll-neck jumper and shoes from Zara (similar here), a black jersey tube skirt from Topshop and bag from Chanel.

IMG_4778 IMG_4773 IMG_4745For the final fifth look, with Christmas around the corner, it made absolute sense to drag what little I have in the way of fancy occasion wear out to wear with this jacket, because lets face it, it seems to go with a lot of my wardrobe, right? On a night out, the fur gilet may have to be part of the party for practical warmth reasons, but that can soon be removed to make the fringe an equal team member up there with the lace. I’m wearing a Topshop Playsuit, Shoes from Aldo and clutch bag from Russell & Bromley.

IMG_4735 IMG_4729 IMG_4726 IMG_4724 IMG_4694 IMG_4693So, there we have it. One jacket, five ways. 



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