New / When Fashion Becomes Art

Matches Marbling


Jaeryn Studded Sandals by Isabel Marant from Matches Fashion 

Absersoch Gold Watch from Shore Projects

Mini seashell stack bangle from Daniella Draper

Different things mean different things to different people. Shoes mean more to me than they might do to you, I don’t know for sure. But I do know that I love these new Isabel Marant Jaeryn sandals I bought in the Matches Fashion Sale so much, that I almost can’t wear them, but want to study them like a piece of modern art, appreciate them for all their glory and beauty in construction. I say almost because they look far too good on my feet for them to stay sitting on my shoe shelves.

Whatever the case, these sandals are most definitely one of my most favourite pieces of wearable art I own.

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