New / Delicate Eyelash Lace Intimates

Topshop Eyelash Lace Triangle Bra

Muru Talisman Lotus Flower Necklace

Ale Y Ole Blue Coast Gold Ring

Ale Y Ole Dots Ring

About a year ago, I discovered non-wired bras. A year ago. For years, almost longer than I can remember, I’ve been wearing underwear that’s been uncomfortable and ugly. Not ugly to look at, but ugly to wear. It literally never dawned on me that there was an alternative and I have no idea why. The moment I tried on a wire-free bra, it was like someone had told me I could fly/speak 9 languages/could move to California tomorrow. I was elated. No longer did I feel like my rib-cage had a padlock attached to it. And this is going to sound quite strange, but when someone accidentally knocks your boob area with their elbow, you feel nothing, not that I want to be groped by complete strangers, because that would be pretty weird, but padding adds a barrier and makes you feel nothing. No movement at all. Your boobs just sit there behind the padding  – well, maybe thats just mine. Or maybe this just proves I’ve been wearing completely the wrong underwear. Its not natural and it isn’t for me. I should also mention I’m not gifted in this area, I have enough, but I do also realise that non-structured underwear isn’t ideal for the more well endowed. So I’ve moved on to a world where boobies move under a delicate layer of lace and they’re there in all their glory to be nudged on the underground/train/bus/aeroplane and I’m pretty happy about that, no matter how weird that sounds.

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