Outfit / Summer Tassles


When I see tassles on clothing, I think of Isabel Marants summer collections. With the simple addition of a tassle, for me, they represent being carefree, dare I use the word, bohemian, and they immediately characterize Summer. Over the last 6 months, they seem to be popping up all over our virtual cyber-world – I’ve seen them hanging from jackets, jumpers, bracelets, scarves, waistbands on trousers, earrings and of course, not to mention tie-backs on drapes. I am a huge fan. It must be said. Anything with a tassle is ok with me. I like what they represent and I want to wear them. Like this skirt I bought from Zara over the weekend. It looks like a pair curtains so I want to wear it. I also own a lovely collection of Anni Lu bracelets, which feature a delicate hand-made tassle. They’re perfect when stacked up on a tanned wrist and a fistful of gold rings. The addition of tassles to an outfit only needs to be a small one – don’t over do it or you may end up looking like a shaggy sheep or a Siberian yeti. If you’re not sure, you could follow the tassle rules 101 and invest in an Anni Lu bracelet and see how you get on. Like anything, keep it simple and it’ll be stylish.

Anni Lu Tassle Beaded Bracelet – Filuca V


Twirling Metal Belt – Free People


Zunil Belt – Free People



Embroidered Kimono Jacket – Zara

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