Inspiration / The Magic of Tumblr-ing


Since I can remember, I’ve been visually stimulated. My bedroom walls as a teenager were covered with Marky Mark and Kate for Calvin Klein, Replay ads, THAT black and white Athena poster of a dude holding a baby and Christy Turlington’s immaculately chiselled, flawless face for Eternity by Calvin Klein.

These days, along with the walls of my home office plastered with all kinds of magazine tear-outs, there’s nothing better than a good old tumble with Tumblr. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest, but it can be a little regurgitated sometimes – maybe perhaps that’s me and my tiny attention span. Tumblr seems to have the cooler edge – it can be quite a dark place when stumbling upon the deep inner thoughts of an emotionally-challenged boy-hating teenager (what teenager isn’t at some point) however once you get past this, you can find all sorts of peachy-asses, tanned shoulders, bee-stung lips, cacti and whatever else floats your boat.

Tumblr serves to inspire and create, so if you’re not into aesthetics, then it probably isn’t for you. However if you are, you can follow me here.

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