Outfit / What I wore to the Wedding

So after weeks of deliberating and procrastinating, it took a panicked last minute shopping trip the day before last weeks wedding, to find something to wear that I actually liked enough to put on, feel good in and that no one else would be wearing – every girls’ wedding fear. I knew this was coming. I’m not a planner – anyone who knows me knows this lovable quality in me (yes, I’m being sarcastic – its far from loveable). I generally dress for how I feel on the day. If I bought an outfit even three weeks before an event, I would get bored of it after a week. Buying a wedding dress was the hardest purchase ever, purely because you have to buy it so far away from the actual day. Not great if you have a capricious sartorial nature. 

I found this dreamy Victoriana Shell Top in the festival section of Topshop. It was amongst all the patterned, visually overpowering festival clothing, so not the easiest thing to see. The tomato-red floaty shorts were also from Topshop – not too short and dressy enough to wear with this lacy top tucked in. With caramel brown suede sandals from our reliable high-street friend, Zara, as the shoes of choice, the colour balance was perfect, so I called off the search.

The beauty of choosing seperates, as we all know, is that they can be worn independently of each other. The shorts can be dressed down with a slouchy knitted top, or worn with a super-low backed body suit for an elegant daytime outfit. The top can dress up a simple pair of jeans or a button-up a-line denim mini – versatile wardrobe investments are always a winner.

Oh, and guess what. I bought this top a week ago, and I’m still not bored with it. And no one else was wearing the same outfit. 10/10.      

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