Outfit / Sartorial Still Life

Untitled #4

Bleeker Bucket Bag from Free People / Imperial Wool Wrap Coat from Atterley RoadRed Stripe Shirt from Atterley Road / Kety Denim Skirt from Alexa Chung for AG / Shay Lace Up Suede Flats from Free People /Rings from Astley ClarkeRayBan Round Metal Sunglasses from Sunglasses Hut

Winter feels like life is permanently on pause. Or maybe its just me. Nothing really happens at this time of year. We’re in a perpetual state of looking forward. Or again, maybe thats just me. I spend half my time daydreaming of beach escapes or riding an elephant in Bhutan and the rest of time, I can’t even muster up the energy to get myself off the sofa from in front of the fire. So surfing my trusty stash of online favourites is an over-regular activity, if you can call finger tapping a keyboard that.

I’ve never been one for wearing socks – only desperate times call for socks which isn’t that often. I’d rather wear a beautiful pair of shoes than a pair of socks and boots, but I’ve never been the most practically minded. It makes so much more sense to throw on a huge teddy-bear coat like this camel version from Atterley Road. Its belted, which is always a requirement for me – it makes for the most nonchalant look, especially when paired up with this AG Skirt which embodies all amounts of 60’s perfection imaginable. Throw on a crisp and classic striped shirt (this one is a staple – the stripes are just right) and these truly epic suede lace up flats to top it all off, and there you have the most sensible transitional outfit I can muster.

Now its time to defrost my credit card in the back of the freezer…

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