Outfit / House of Dagmar

Untitled #3

Deborah Wrap-Front Silk Crepe Dress / Karl Donoghue Degrade Shearling Gilet / Saint Laurent Silk-Tassel Scarf

Suede Bucket Bag / Chloe Ellie Gold Tone Stone Ring / Catbird Ballerina Earrings

The Changeling Necklace from Catbird / Janey Leather Platform Sandals by Michael Kors

Its not like I have anywhere to go in this dress, well, not yet anyway, but how is it possible to stumble across such a beauty and not do anything to rectify that gaping hole in my wardrobe that craves this Swedish swoosh-mistress. And what if I do happen to get invited to the Vernal Equinox Ball or a party held in celebration of an imminent solar eclipse (neither of these, to my knowledge, are real events however I do believe they should be now I’ve named them) – what would I wear?  A girl has to be ready at all times, as any sensible lady has been taught at finishing school. The colour, the style, the swooshiness  – it’s painfully impossible to resist. And of course it made sense to justify purchasing such a dress, to accessorise it.

I should be able to sleep tonight now.

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