New / Heyonca Fringe Suede Jacket

IMG_4569 IMG_4579 IMG_4588 IMG_4594 IMG_4585

When writing my post about suede fringing a few weeks back, there were a couple of jackets I featured which I loved, but were out of my budget. So when a dose of good Karma struck, it made its way to me in a big way, in the form of this Heyonca Jacket from Essentiel Antwerp. It’s black (hello!), it’s suede (oh-so-dreamy) and is covered in eyelets and enough fringe to cover Cousin It. Bam. Good things come in threes right? Well. you’d think so, however this time, this good thang is gonna come in fives, because I’ve been asked by Essential Antwerp to style it up my way, five ways and this is look number one. So what do we wear with suede? Denim. Of course. How could it not be featured first. Denim and suede are best buddies, reunited the only way they know how – seventies style. High waisted jeans, a white t-shirt, a suede jacket and a little extra fringe on the shoes for good measure, bringin out the big guns for a party in our Chevvy pickup. Yep, thats a retro-fest, right there. Question is, what’s next? Well, yo jus gonna have to stay tuned…

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