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My wardrobe currently smells like Jamie Olivers spice rack and so do my clothes, all because of this beautifully scented Pomander from Ashleigh & Burwood. You might say this pretty pomander is too pretty to be hidden away in my closet, but actually, I’m surprisingly welcomed every time I go to pull out a shirt and being someone whose mood can be affected by fragrance, its a pretty nice start to the day.

Another fragrance I secretly snuck into our bedroom (men aren’t the most welcoming of such things, but mine approves of this one) is this reed diffuser from Stoneglow in Leather & Cashmere. I was a little dubious about reeds before I started using them a few months ago, but they scent the space delicately, just so its noticeable yet not overpowering, like some artificial home fragrances can be. Leather & Cashmere is subtle, musky, high quality and masculine, just how I like my fragrances – if I could fill every room in the house with this fragrance, then I would.

And like any other female on the planet, I also love scented candles – the only reason I don’t buy them as frequently is because as soon as I get a new one, I will burn it all the time, and then it’ll be gone. And then I’ll have to replace it. And if this goes on, I will be broke. And to cut a long story short, recently my brother-in-law handed me a tiny sample bottle of Oud, a crazily delicious fragrance from Acqua di Parma and said ‘Try this, you’ll love it’ and I did. And then I came across this candle from Heyland & Whittle scented with Sandalwood & Oud and I was pretty much sent into an immediate day-dream, where I was floating in an orchid-filled bath, staring at the stars with a warm wind drifting across me, scented of dry deserts and tropical Agar trees. Pretty exotic, right? I think just writing that sent me into a heady little trance, from which I’ve just awoken, because I remembered I have the important task of watching Homeland in just over an hour. What a trick to bring me back down to earth. I think its safe to say I’d rather be in that bath….

On another note, I found these little tips for prolonging the life of scented candles which I’ve found super-useful and never knew, but every day is a school day. To ensure your candle doesn’t do that weird tunnelling thing and to ensure you get the best scent from it, burn your candle for 3+ hours each time and keep the wick of your candle trimmed – it needs to be around 3mm. Voila. Thats it. Oh, one more thing. If you also love scenting your home, enter this discount code FEATHERS10 at the checkout on Love Aroma for 10% off  your order before midnight on November 27th. I’m off to use it to stock my cupboards like I’m expecting a stinky apocalypse. I’m convinced Oud is my catnip.

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