New / Fringe Loafers


I can always find a reason to add a new pair of shoes to my collection.

I’ve fancied a pair of fringe buckle loafers for a while now but never found the right pair – they’re always above my budget to the power of seven or not the right quality. These, however, are the equivalent of  Goldilocks’ ideal bowl of porridge. Not too round toed. Not too expensive. But just right. In fact, this pair of Fringe Buckle loafers from Warehouse are exceptionally flattering in the foot department and although I received them in the mail today (sadly, I have no time for real shopping these days) these shoes have already received more compliments that I can recall. I do remember saying if you buy one pair of shoes this season, then this uber-sophisticated pair from Mango should be the lucky ones to slip onto your dainty Cinderella feet for some off-duty model-style strutting, but I now fear these are a very close runner up, if not just as chic. Next time I’m hungry, I’m definitely going with Goldilocks’ strategy and I suggest you do too.



Fringe Buckle Loafers from Warehouse

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