New / Notetaking the Smythson way

I am and always have been a stationery hoarder. I don’t know if its a girl thing or if its a creative thing, or just a thing for anyone in general, but send me to a good old fashioned social stationery store and I’ll stay there until the cows come home, which is hopefully never.IMG_0081 I’ve made my own, bought my own and bought them for everyone I know. I use notebooks like they’re going out of fashion, so when Smythson got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out their original Panama notebook, it didn’t take a second of consideration – I was putty in their hands. Plus, I am now fully educated in the history of this notebook (yes, there really is history) and its now my task to educate you. 

Are you familiar with the Panama hat? Yes, I thought so. I knew you were a well-read kind of sort. The Panama Hat is a superbly practical device, because it serves as shelter for your head in direct sunlight, looks very smart indeed and can be rolled up for travelling purposes without creasing or damaging its shape, not to mention the style you exude the minute you place one on your head. The Smythson Panama notebook works along the same principle – it is pliable, portable and remains undamaged making it ideal for those who love to write whilst travelling. It can be rolled up, almost folded in half and it won’t become misshapen in any way – in fact, it looks all the better with a little life in it. There’s not only a notebook but a diary too, which I’d welcome as the next Smythson Panama item for my collection, because we all need a durable diary in our lives, I’m pretty sure of that. Mine gets beaten up like Mike Tyson got out of bed the wrong side – it gets wrecked, and biro stained and cloth-eared, so it makes complete sense to have a diary thats actually made to withstand this lifestyle. And to prove the story behind the notebook, I tried it out for myself and guess what? It works. Oh, and it makes the perfect stocking filler for Christmas (yes, I said it. I’m not the first one so don’t beat me up about it). Right, I’m off to start writing my Christmas list…IMG_0082

Smythson Panama Notepad Smythson Panama Notepad

This is a sponsored post by Smythson. All thoughts are my own.

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