Reading / Being Parisian and not being a girl.

You may have seen it everywhere, you may have not come across it yet, but as a lover of all things French, including Caroline De Maigret, I was slightly curious about the book How To Be Parisian when it was launched back in September.


I’m only half way through but it’s one thing I look forward to reading when I go to bed, especially now the dreaded daylight saving time is upon us once again (why do we still do this?!) It’s pretty funny, tongue-in-cheek with a few valuable tips thrown in along with many cool images for some eye candy. I’d recommend it as one of those books you might keep in your living room to re-read a few times. It probably won’t date because it’s based on years of Parisian female culture, though I can’t promise it won’t make you cringe in ten years time.
The other book I’ve just started to read is Lena Dunhams ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ – I can’t say a lot about it yet because I’m only a few pages in, but I have high expectations. As a huge Girls fan (an alternative-Sex & The City) anything involving Lena Dunham is going to be pretty damned good.

Buy both from Amazon.

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