Outfit / The New Mule


These may look like patent cut-off wellies, but these mules are not as photogenic as they are in real life.

20141012_84 20141012_132

They’re actually navy blue, super comfortable (I’d go as far to say wearable all day) they’re unique and probably along the Marmite lines (love them or hate them). The reason I bought these was because of their shape – the angle at which the shoe is cut off at, at the ankle. But, lets face it, these are a high trend shoe, not a lifelong partner in crime, but thats ok, right? Its the flat pointy slippers which do stand the test of time, for their classic shape and sophistication factor, but every now and then, we need a little spice in our lives, and on this occasion (and quite a few others to be fair), mine comes in the form of a shoe. 

I’m wearing:

Jumper / Rae Feather    Lace Vest / H&M

Jeans / ASOS   Shoes / H&M

Bag / The Saddle Bag Trading Company


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