Outfit / High-waisted Jeans


So it turns out that high-waisted slacks are not just for Simon Cowell and that he’s been onto something for some time. 20141012_45 20141012_47 20141012_49 20141012_52


I’m wearing an old duster coat from H&M (Similar and next one on my hitlist here) / Striped T-Shirt from Madewell (Similar here) / Jeans from ASOS / Watch by Shore Projects / Shoes by Bertie from Dune (Similar here and here) / Bag by Chanel

Photos by Linzi Loveland-Bromley

If you decide to invest in a pair of high-waisted jeans, here are some don’ts – 1) Don’t ask your boyfriend/husband/brother/cousin/father their opinion. This will never end well. The words ‘accountant’ and ‘save them for when you’re retired’ were muttered when I tried on a different pair and stupidly sought acknowledgement and assistance in my decision making process. 2) Don’t eat seven yorkshire puddings and drink a litre of water before trying any on. Since the waistband sits directly over your belly button, they have the potential to accentuate any kind of bloating. However, the pair I’m talking about were the wrong pair. But when I tried these ones on, the reaction was very different, not only when my husband saw me in them (I didn’t ask him again, my fingers were still sore from the burning they received the first time I asked) but when I just generally wore them. I received many compliments from people I know, which was just what I needed to hear, because I was feeling pretty self-conscious in a new style of jeans. Thankfully, that got left by the wayside and the evil of self-consciousness miraculously exploded into the life-changing attitude that is confidence, which is exactly how we should all feel in whatever we choose to wear. They may be a bit lumpy and bumpy sometimes, but these jeans are my new favourites. The denim is thick, just how I like it. You know the denim I mean – less lycra, more threads, faded and worn in all the right places, denim that doesn’t stretch after wearing once, but looks worn instead. After I bought these jeans, I posted a photo on Instagram and someone wrote that they love ASOS jeans  – I now realise why and I’m already planning my next pair. But right now, I’m off to slip into a Homeland Season 4 coma….

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