The Fringe Debate

Alexa-Chung-by-Guy-Aroch-10 Freja-Beha-Erichsen-for-Mother-Denim-01 Freja-Beha-Erichsen-MOCo-SS14-03 Julia Stegner by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany julia-stegner-by-alex-cayley-for-vogue-spain-november-2013-6 julia-stegner-lou-doillon-chloe-2014-campaign-2 Lou-Doillon-5-0513 s3 s7Images via Pinterest and Matches

It happens every year. And the moment I get my hair just how I wanted it, I re-route. I’ve learned, over the years, to hold my horses, because a snap decision and a snip here and there can take six months of correcting, but sometimes its just a scratch that needs itching. It changes everything – you can wear less make up, you can peek out from the depths with a seductive glance, if you have wrinkles, it can also act as a veil to allude others of ten years the other way. But, the weather is its enemy. However, if you can wear it as nonchalantly as Julia Stegner, Caroline de Maigret, Freja Beha Erichsen, Alexa and Lou Doillon, it requires little consideration. I think I just talked myself into it.

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