IMG_8351.JPGIts hard enough keeping up with fashion trends sometimes, without trying to keep up with beauty trends too. I’m pretty safe when it comes to make-up and to be quite honest, I’m more interested in skincare than cosmetics, merely for the longer-lasting effects and age preservation.


Whilst crippling my right thumb last week, in the daily ‘research’ that is surfing Instagram and suffering from that ailment no one wishes to admit to, but many of us have – Insta-Thumb, otherwise known as repetitive strain syndrome for the nosy parkers amongst us, I came across the image above from the DKNY SS15 show from New York Fashion Week. Nail trends mostly pass me by, but this one made me stop. I’m pretty partial to a nude nail a la Victoria Beckham, but this manicure was taking this to the next level with a Matte Coat, another trend I wasn’t too struck by when it hit the masses last year, yet it was an experiment I decided I wanted to try out. I couldn’t get my hands on the Essie Matte Top Coat used here (clearly everyone had rushed out to do the same as I) so I went with Nails Inc instead, since I use a lot of their nail polishes. Doing the frugal thing, and using what I had at home, I tried to recreate this look with not as much success as I would have liked, but nonetheless, I’m pretty happy with the result. I’m not sure the Nails Inc version is as matt as the Essie version, its more of a matt silk finish. Using a matte top coat is very odd. Its like painting your nails to look like….well, your nails. It goes against the shiny, glossy, luxurious mani we all know and love and almost plays it down. I have yet to try it on a dark nail colour, but its definitely a new favourite on a natural shade of pink.

The DKNY manicure was created using one coat of Essie ‘Au Natural‘, one coat of Essie ‘Allure’ and one coat of Essie ‘Matte About You’. I used one coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, one coat of Estee Lauder ‘White Petal’ and one coat of Nails Inc Matte Effect Top Coat.



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