The Statement Earring

photo 4There have been times before when wearing one statement earring was the right thing to do. I may have played along, I don’t remember, but maybe only one time. BUT (and its a big but) when Louis Vuitton and Celine say its ok, then its something I need to reconsider. Because, yes. Sometimes I am a slave to all things commercial, all things material. Not often, but this time, I am. And its all because of this image. Its goes without saying that anything Carine Roitfeld touches, becomes as stylish as she and this image proves the point beyond all argument.

So let’s discuss. What do we think? Do we love? Or do we not? Does it look like we’re trying too hard? Or does it take a certain type of person or look, to be able to pull it off and therefore they don’t look like they’re trying too hard? Or does it depend on the style of the earring? Should you wear your hair up or down? For me, its all of the above. Its all the ingredients, but then that rule applies to most looks that convince us all its effortless.

Because of the style of this earring, this look works. If the earring was a chandelier or a hoop, I don’t think it would look as covetable. It works because its one earring, and not two. Two earrings would be one too many. Too flouncy. Too matchy matchy. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe its just about styling. Maybe its just about attitude and innovation. Maybe its about none of this, and its about just doing what you want because you feel it looks right.

photo 2 photo 5

photo 1

I’m wearing an earring from Zara and shirt by Aquascutum.

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