Globesetter Series with AND London

When my new favourite online store, AND London asked me if I would like to answer some travel Q&A’s for their Globesetter Series (or basically talk about myself for ten minutes), I jumped at the chance – thanks so much AND London for this brief, fun opportunity!

How would you describe your personal style?

In summer, its bohemian with a hint of luxury. Denim shorts, espadrilles, lace and crochet. For the rest of the year its tonal, neutral layers, pointy flats and primarily denim. Chunky knit jumpers, turtleneck jumpers that look like they’ll swallow your head up, a good navy pea-coat, a solid pair of black heeled boots, cashmere scarves and for this autumn/winter, I’m looking for a belted coat with minimal detail.

Who, what or where are your biggest style inspirations?

Since I gravitate towards classic style with the addition of a trend that works for me, I find people I turn to for style inspiration are broken into the same categories : those who follow high fashion and those who remain constant throughout the trends. The Scandinavians do it well – they dress classically, making style look easy and natural without making it look stale – their modern outlook is definitely the key here – I’ve always been an admirer of Colombine Smille and Elin Kling for their exquisite curation of wardrobe staples. The French are the ultimate in classic dressing, always managing to take chic to the next level – Emmanuelle Alt, Geraldine Saglio, Francoise Hardy and of course Jane Birkin are pretty stable style resources. The Olsen twins are a pretty strong pair too. And last but not least, Jane How, for me, is one of the most talented stylists that ever lived. She never, ever fails to get it right. Ever. I studied design at University with architecture playing a large part so structure, strong lines and minimalism are all key elements.


What do you love most about the City you are living in?

It was hard for me to move to the city I live in now, because I was brought up in Norwich, a charming, quaint, ancient city full to the brim with heritage, culture and amazing people. Where I live now is a purpose built city, made for London commuters. It still has some history, there are many old villages and towns surrounding the outskirts of the actual city and I’ve finally come to love it for what it is. Its concrete, harsh, quite unforgiving but massively urban with some pretty cool skateboarding going on. Its so close to London, so I consider this an extension of where I live and that satisfies what I don’t get from where I live now. If I could choose a place to live anywhere in the world, at least for a couple of years, it would be Sydney – one of my favourite places on the planet.


Favourite place you’ve ever travelled to?

Sydney is at the top of the list, followed by Brazil. Cabo Frio is a place everyone needs to visit at least once. California is pretty epic too, with Stockholm and Paris ramping up major cultural (and shopping) points – do I really have to narrow it down to one place?

IMG_3967 IMG_3965 IMG_3962 IMG_3955

Where is next on your list to visit and why?

India is next on up on the list…..Rajasthan or Kerala for the colours, the food, the people, the markets – its the extreme opposite of England. I’m currently reading Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and I’m now secretly obsessed with escaping to India for a few months. If we don’t make it to India, anywhere in South America, with Buenos Aires as the first stop.

Besides your passport, what do you never go away without?

My family. And my camera.

What are you currently coveting from AND LONDON?

The Leila K Rough Rugs dresses which constantly get sold out and I never manage to get my hands on one. They would be a summer staple, year after year, for me. For Autumn/Winter, the YSE Stripe Shirt by Gat Rimon is wardrobe staple, representing everything I love about a modern classic.

Untitled #72


The Quick Fire Bit

Lots of luggage or just a carry-on bag?

Carry on – I need to be forced to export less shoes.

Hammock under the stars or 5* luxury?

Both? I’d be happy in either situations as long as the weather was good for the outdoor part, of course, though I’m quite partial to an overnight stay in a Claridges suite.

Souk finds or designer goodies?

As much as I love designer treats, its definitely the unique things you find whilst travelling to fill your shelves at home with that are the most important. They help tell a story of all the weird and wonderful places we’ve travelled to. Though my Chanel bag my husband bought me in Barcelona is now part of our family history – my little girl will get that after I’m long gone, not a second before!

Full makeup bag or bare essentials?

Bare essentials. I’m no spring chicken but I get the most amount of compliments when I wear the least amount of make up – I hasten to disagree.

Sun lounger or sightseeing?

Sightseeing, always. I’m rubbish at sitting still unless I’m reading a book.

Books or Kindle?

Books. I don’t read properly on a screen, though I don’t doubt a Kindle is an awesome device to own.

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