IMG_7928-0.JPGIts the last bank holiday of the year today, and when its raining and feeling like Autumn, clearing out my wardrobe and putting away summer clothes is an obvious way to spend some time (plus my wardrobe is bulging at the hinges so its essential before my bedroom experiences a sartorial eruption). I’ve been ruthless, in an attempt to get back to feeling like myself – getting rid of pieces I don’t wear and laundering the pieces I do. Its time to start investing in key pieces again and I have my eye on a couple of things which have been on my wish list for a while. These Chloe ballerina pumps in Camel are timeless, as is this Acne Mohair Cardigan. Its alot of money to spend on clothes, but since my new mantra is buy less, spend more, ie stop going into H&M for a quick pick-me-up, I figure the cost will balance out anyway. A capsule wardrobe, as we all know, should be filled with classic pieces, which you can mix up with the odd high-trend piece. A classic wardrobe can be worn every which way imaginable and should be totally self-sufficient, not reliant on anything else. Denim goes with everything, as do white shirts, knitted tonal jumpers and black heels. I haven’t bought another investment bag since my Chanel bag three years ago, but I’m craving a new classic addition, something a little bigger that I can get more in. Who said fashion wasn’t practical.

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