Seasonal Reveal


IMG_3871 IMG_3883IMG_3889

Backless Linen Top / Stella + Alf

Levi Cut-Off Shorts / Gone Retro

Ankle Boots / H&M (Similar Here)

Single Pearl Bracelet / Anni Lu

RayBan Aviators / Zalando

There’s only one time of year when its ok to show some skin and thats when its 25 degrees every day. And when you live in England, thats one thing you don’t often find yourself saying. Notoriously, our part of the world has had a string of bad summers, resorting with the general public having one thing in common – that being a very vocal and often socially painful conversation of reminiscing over ‘that summer’ we all remember of long, sticky days and endless balmy evenings, where no other month of July can surpass that one point in time. Not this year. And not last year either. We’ve been blessed with so much sunshine this summer, that its oozing from our rain-filled pores. I’m trying not to think about the next time it rains and a passer-by utters ‘knew it wouldn’t last’ as they tut, roll their eyes, look up at the sky before bowing their head as they trudge on. Weather-talk, as I’m sure you’ve already grasped, is my number one pet hate, so lets stick on some Bob Marley, turn it up loud, open a beer and dance in the garden with the ones you love, wearing as little as possible, while we can.

P.S For those wondering what the scar on my back is, I had heart surgery when I was a small child though I have been known to successfully convince an enquiring onlooker that my scar is the result of a crocodile roll.

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