Let Me Explain.

IMG_3081 IMG_3102 IMG_3100Bracelets / Anni Lu & H&M

Top / Velvet by Graham & Spencer

Hat / Warehouse

Magazine / So It Goes

(Photos taken by my 8 yr old daughter a few weeks ago)

So I have some explaining to do. I must explain my absence. And I must apologise for just disappearing like that. It was pretty out of character but I guess sometimes it happens. I do my best to be consistent and original and put everything I have into what I do, but sometimes, something has to give. For a long while, I’ve been feeling out of shape, so investing some time into my health and fitness was no longer a choice and in order to do that, I could either split myself in two and do two things at a mediocre level, or I could put something on hold and put all my energy into a higher priority. So, looking back, thats what I did. And actually, I realise its only been a couple of weeks since my last post, which isn’t great, but its not months, which is actually how long I’ve been getting myself into shape – however a break never hurt anyone. So, I’m week 12 into a 12 week exercise regime and I don’t remember ever feeling so good. I have so much energy (unless I have a very late night, of course), I feel lighter, fitter, less wobbly and most definitely happier with how I feel all round. But the regime won’t end at 12 weeks. Its gone so well, and I don’t want to speak too soon (because I am terrible for rebelling against myself) but it feels more like a lifestyle change, y’know, a change for good. It hasn’t been a full-on major boot camp lasting a month , I haven’t burnt myself out like I have done before. Its been 3 months of sustainable exercise and the results speak for themselves, which in turn lifts confidence and acts as a catalyst to try a little bit harder. I’ve always known how important it is to look after yourself, to adapt, to push yourself to try new things and do old things better and in order to sustain this, it takes small steps which you take often. We’re all capable of this in the same way that we’re all capable of holding ourselves back, making excuses for doing things another day. I’m not doing that anymore. Tomorrow may never come, so its today or never!

On another note, with a road trip through California just around the corner, I’ll put some of my new found energy into some posts before I head off to make up for lost time. Promise.

4 thoughts on “Let Me Explain.

  1. Good for you with the exercise regime, I’m still waiting for my motivation to overcome my laziness! Fab photos by the way S

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better! What kind of exercise have you been doing? I need to get on the right track health wise and also find a balance between work and play and it sounds like you accomplished just that!

    • I completed Kayla Itsines 12 week bikini workout – definitely recommend it! If it wasn’t for my broken elbow, I’d be continuing with it now….

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