Time to travel.


I feel privileged to have travelled to some amazing places around the world, with still so many new places to explore which would be incredible to see. Life, committments and circumstance can get in the way, and, until two years ago, I stopped travelling for a while, so it feels so good to experience some new horizons again. We just returned from Stockholm, where we spent a few days doing things the Swedish way and, as I always do, found it pretty difficult tearing myself away. Swedish people, as well as Stockholm, are both very cool in lots of ways – the food, their attitude towards each other, their way of life but most of all, their style – more on that soon. Whilst I was packing, I thought I’d share some of the things I packed this time around. My Rae Feather baggy trousers were perfect for the flight (as was my hat which I always love to hide under) and this limited-run handmade in Lincolnshire Stella + Alf dress was the perfect loose piece of clothing for the summer heat on our final day in the city. Stockholm, you stole a piece of me and I’ll be back one day to pick it up.

Notebook from Ikea / The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger (Review here) / Wallpaper Stockholm city guidebook (the first guidebook I’ve actually felt was real) / Clarins Moisturiser / Hugo Boss Jour Perfume / Amazon Kindle / Rae Feather Jersey Trousers / Stella + Alf Breton Striped Dress /Hat from Warehouse / Daisy Knights Ear Cuff (Similar here) / Aesop Camellia Nut Moisturiser / Nathalie Bond Organics Lip Balm / Shore Projects St Ives Watch / Espadrilles from H&M / Bag from Zara (old)


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