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Watch from Shore Projects / Ring from Cred / Candles and Diffuser from Love Aroma

I am so sensitive to smell, I could compete with a blood hound, so my home, as one might imagine, is pretty rammed with candles, incense, scent diffusers and flowers. A lot of the time, I light incense cones – they’re convenient, don’t burn too long and aren’t smoky like some incense sticks can be. I light 5 and place them on whatever surface I can find, high or low. I have a few fragrances that I love to wear, with my latest being a pink bottle of Givenchy perfume which smells like baby powder. Its truly delicious. Another way of fragrancing space is to place a reed diffuser in the wardrobe. As long as too many reeds aren’t placed in the oil, the scent won’t be too strong, making your clothes smell like they’ve been laundered by Claridges with a miniature royal fairy scenting the air every time you open the door. This Pairfum diffuser in Innocent Vanilla is more of a masculine fragrance, which is exactly what I love and sits neatly on the floor of my wardrobe. I thought Yankee Candles had had their time, but when I lit this one called Midsummers Night, I realised why they’re still going strong. The sweet cookie dough fragrances are nice in small doses and at Christmas but this black candle is deep, subtle and woody and should be lit for hours whilst lying in a bath laced with detoxifying Pink Himalayan salt, a moisturising face mask and a heavy book set in the tropics of faraway Bora Bora. Well, thats what I love to do as a post-workout treat. Some candles smell beautiful before they’re lit but then smell of nothing whilst burning, unlike this Stoneglow candle scented with Lotus Flower and Jasmine, which is actually my favourite heady fragrance of all. Its proving tricky to not light this one too much because of its addictive aroma, but my bedtime ritual isn’t complete without lighting a candle – definitely the ultimate in relaxation, something I’m pretty bad at normally.

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