Rediscovering Mango


IMG_3341 IMG_3342 IMG_3344 IMG_3347

Apparently, a Mango isn’t just a tropical fruit, its also a pretty awesome high street brand. These two shirts popped through my door this week with the additional finger-slip-click of the mouse scenario of this frilly little skirt and have rocked my week (its been half term, OK?) My little grey cells have come to the very obvious conclusion that Mango is up for taking back a slice of the market by way of tackling the ankles to try and recapture the ball from Spanish compadre Zara. Let’s face it, Zara has had a good run at being the high street champion for a couple of years now and clearly have a winning strategy with its designer-inspired affordable collections (I’m being kind here) and slick high-end streetstyle-esque photography, so you could say its time for someone else to take the helm, right? One thing they don’t have is Daria and Andreea as the face of their brand. Well now, there’s a smart manoeuvre. I say may the best man/woman/brand win. Oh, and please excuse all my football innuendo – clearly world cup fever has had a subliminal effect on me.

Printed Shirt can be bought here / Striped Shirt here / Printed Skirt here

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