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Images of Camille Rowe, Dylan Rieder & Imogen Poots via So It Goes Magazine / other images via my Pinterest boards and my Tumblr blog (sources are unknown)

According to Japanese Shinto religion and mythology, Amaterasu was the Japanese sun goddess, born from the ruler of the Plain of Heaven, Izanagi. After long standing rivalry between herself and her brother, Susanoo, the God of storms, she hid inside Ama-no-lwato, a heavenly rock cave. The world, without the illumination of the sun, became dark and the Gods could not lure Amaterasu out of her hiding place. Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, goddess of dawn, mirth and revelry lured Amaterasu from the cave with her guile and so light was restored to Earth. I’m sensing some kind of worshipping tribal dance needs to take place in the garden this weekend, because I know for sure I’m missing Amaterasu’s warmth. Bring it on girl. We’re so ready for you to join our party.


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