The Blue Shirt

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So, this isn’t an ode to Elin Kling, though it should be because she does pretty much rock a plain blue shirt black jean combo, right? One of my favourite images of the year (random statement) is one I just posted on my Instagram feed (@feathers_frills), featuring a nonchalant tomboy wearing a slouchy blue shirt, scraggy jeans, tucked up brown leather belt and a token Marlboro. If I could carry off this look on a daily basis, I would, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never look this cool. However, this isn’t about my ego -this is about the exceptionally versatile wardrobe staple, the blue shirt. Whether its denim, cotton, chambray, your boyfriends/dads/sons/husbands or cheesecloth (or all off these) you need one. With pockets and no darts for a loose fit, its pretty smart. With breast pockets, and rolled up sleeves, its less dressy. In denim, with the top buttons undone, its sexy – done up, its preppy. In cheesecloth, its hippy. On its own, with nothing but a pair of fuzz-free tanned legs, its perfect. However you wear it, its pretty much fail-safe.

And if you don’t yet own one, you have no excuse because I’ve selected some of the best high street blue shirts for you. You’re welcome.

The Blue Shirt

Equipment Margaux Striped Shirt / Mango Mao Collar Blouse / Mango Patch Pocket Shirt

MiH The Gainsbourg Shirt /  Zara Patterned Blue Shirt / Zara Combined Shirt


One thought on “The Blue Shirt

  1. You should check out Aziza Azim’s insta, (unless you already do!) She shot a great selfie of herself in the same look. Blue shirt, off the shoulder bam! That girl is too great for her own good and she has just relaunched her new look blog. Everything she wears I crave! *Clicks online to check out the Mango version..*

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