All that glitters





Gold Vermeil Feather Earring from Daisy Knights / Talisman Elephant Pendant & Chain from Muru Jewellery

Contrary to the title of this post, I’m not into glitter. But I am into gold, especially when it comes in the form of feathers which you can attach to your ear. How can anyone resist? Not me. I must confess I do also love silver, but more bohemian silver. The chunky, artisan type. Like we wore back in the 90’s. Saying that, I also like it when its delicate, like a fine silver bangle. I guess I’m pretty easy to please. You may remember the Daisy Knights ear cuff I wore in a post last week? (available to buy very soon!) Well, this little earring I’m wearing here is the second of the pair – I guess you can wear them at the same time, but to be honest, I’m into asymmetrical ear adorations – I like to live on the edge, walk on the wild side, play the part of a maverick every now and again, knowwaddimean? Daisy Knights Jewellery is one of those rare brands where you’re spoilt for choice – these snake earrings are beautiful, – click – add to basket. So too is this Lightning Necklace – click – add to basket (ssh, don’t tell my husband). So. Much. Goodness.

I can’t forget my strong baby elephant I’m wearing around my neck. This little thing is a part of my daily jewel dressing ritual – either this or a talisman coin which I stumbled upon whilst working very briefly with Muru Jewellery back in November. They’re always with me.

P.S You might be interested in learning about Goldsmiths Little Wishes jewellery – charm bracelets and charms made in 925 sterling silver for children, so they too can become mesmerised by all things shiny – genius.

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