Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing my best to eat a clean balanced diet. There have been a couple of hiccups, but its surprisingly not been too difficult. I put it down to an app I downloaded recently called Deliciously Ella. It’s amazing. My diet wasn’t bad, but it definitely needed improving. I needed to cut out everything which made me tired or bloated. My skin, as a general rule, is pretty consistent, with the odd hormonal fluctuation but resuming back to normal quite quickly. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I definitely can’t say no to a bag of crisps. I say can’t, when actually I should be saying couldn’t because I do seem to be over carb-cravings and have never had more energy since I’ve started using the recipes from the new app. You need to be organised. A shopping list and a health food shop are essential, so is a very sharp knife and numerous plastic/glass containers and jars with lids. If you want to do it properly, then you need to prepare a couple of days meals and snacks in advance. One thing which is really easy are Ella’s smoothies. Some are totally delicious (as are the juices, including green ones) and some are a little odd, like this one I prepared earlier today from one of the app recipes. Its a Cacao, Banana and Avocado Smoothie packed with mind-blowing health properties such as healthy fats, vitamins A, B, C, E and K plus iron, magnesium, potassium and a whole load of anti-inflammatory properties. It contains almond milk, raw cacao powder, dates, honey, almond butter, banana and avocado – so much goodness. I found it a little odd, I think it was the raw cacao powder. BUT, if its good for me, then there’s no question.

I would seriously recommend the Deliciously Ella app or at least take a look at her website here for some inspiring healthy eating information. You’ll be sucked in, I promise you. My skin is glowing, I am never starving hungry, I never have cravings for carbohydrates or sweet foods and I’m not even that bothered about tea or coffee anymore. I drink it, but mainly red bush and the odd coffee but I don’t drink it like I previously did. I realise this kind of diet isn’t for everyone and I realise too that I’m doing this out of choice, not out of necessity like Ella, but its definitely working for me and I’m pretty sure it would do most of us some good.

Read more about Ella and the chronic illness she suffered with which led to her success here

3 thoughts on “Detox.

  1. Thanks for sharing this too. I have recently lost like 12kg in weight, I’ve been eating healthy and, I have never felt better. I’m yet to download her app, but I’ve seem some of her you tube videos. I still have some way to go but I get the feeling this is a permanent way of life for me now. I have so much energy, feelings of positivity and I feel fit and strong. Your skin looks absolutely amazing even through the pics. My blender has broken at the moments and so annoying so I’m usually traipsing around london town for smoothies. I usually go to Juice Tonic, I find they’re the best and really helpful with what to eat for skin, hair and fitness. I am also thinking of turning my blog into a food blog with a bit of fashion thrown in. Once I have the new layout I’ll send you the link, and I hope you’ll like it. All the best xx

    • Amazing! Good for you, thats such dedication and you’re clearly doing all the right things. Look forward to taking a look at your new layout when its ready x

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