Perfect Whites






Hat from Warehouse / Shadow Stripe Vest Top from Rae Feather /  Smock Shirt from Rae Feather / Boat Neck Essential T-Shirt from Rae Feather / Adi Beach Dress from Rae Feather / Shoes from Russell & Bromley 

There’s nothing better than finding an item of clothing that you love. Not just like. Love. Its a rare moment for me, to be honest (though its not hard to find a pair of shoes I have a debilitating weakness for). Writing this blog means I get to see alot of whats available, and honestly, it can become mundane. Some brands copy others, the quality can be bad, the price can be too much – its hard to find something that just perfectly fits all requirements. I don’t mean this in an offensive way, more of an observation. And I do believe whoever once coined the phrase ‘too much of a good thing…’ was definitely onto something.

I came across the brand Rae Feather at the end of 2013 when I started wearing one of their cashmere scarves, similar to this one, and since visiting their studio a couple of weeks ago to see their S/S 14 collection in full and a little preview of things to come in A/W 14 and 2015, I was totally sold. But then, here’s the good bit. You know when you see something on a  hanger and think ‘Hmm, I like that’ and ‘Hmm, yes, thats nice too’ and then you try it on and its like ‘Holy crap, I freakin’ love this’ – you know that feeling? Well, no word of a lie (because you should know by now that I don’t lie about things I love) this is what I thought when I tried on all the pieces on the rail in the photos I shot this morning. The Smock Shirt is one of the finest shirts I have ever worn. Its shape is huge. And when I say huge, I mean massive. Almost to the point where you might think you’d picked the wrong size. But when you try it on, it transforms into a billowing, modern trapeze-shaped classic. It is so simple, but the quality of the cotton, cut into this shape means it is like nothing I’ve seen. The quality of the boat neck t-shirt is pure luxury and the beach dress has turned me into an impatient princess. I want to wear it NOW. I’m so excited to show you more (did you pick up on that?), I just hope I can do these pieces justice. Maybe you should just go and see for yourself…

2 thoughts on “Perfect Whites

  1. Hi, Lovely post. Rae’s shirts are beautiful. Please can you let me know where you got your white garment rail from – it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Many thanks

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