Cali Pool Skating








In 1970’s California, the summer was so hot, the state declared an official drought and many pool owners had to empty their pools in an attempt to preserve the Cali agua. On the other side of the city, surfers waiting for the swell they could only dream about turned to skateboarding to quench their thirst (there really was no pun intended there) which lasted until the general public became so aggravated by skateboarding kids on every street corner, that they were pretty much pushed out of all public spaces, with some kids even being fined for skateboarding in public. With dried up swimming pools going to waste and a growing culture of alienated kids of Cali, some dude named Tony Alva, in one swift move, created a moment in history by skating these bowls, bringing into existence the raddest rides in the city and becoming a street hero at the same time. What a ledge.

I’ve always had a thing for 70’s fashion and I’ve always had a thing for skateboarding and surfing – mix the two up and you have some pretty awesome inspo. Personally, I think its pretty hard to replicate authentically without looking like you’re headed to a fancy dress party but I’m definitely happy to sit back and observe.

P.S Sorry for being M.I.A – we went road trippin’ down South.

P.P.S I can’t take any credit for the amazing images/montages above – I found them here.

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