Whilst clearing out my dressing table last week, I came across this Rimmel Instant Tan I bought and never used a while ago, which I put in the drawer for another day. That day, it turns out was Sunday, and with nothing better to do with my time, I thought I should give this beastly product a try. I mean, look at the colour of it. That is proper scary. With a foundation brush which I cautiously dipped in the tar-like puddle, I gently brushed (and brushed and blended and brushed) a teensy amount onto my cheeks. With a lot of quick blending (it has to be quick, it stains your skin if you leave it too long) in front of a mirror that was purposefully angled in front of the window, my face started to glow. I added little bit of my regular foundation to even out the colour and I genuinely looked like I’d popped over to the Bahamas for a long weekend and that was confirmed when someone even asked me if I’d been away. Concerned that I looked like Scott Mills, I quickly shared my secret of the magic mud-like substance and they promptly wanted to know more. I took that as a pretty good indication that it looked reasonable and that no member of Jersey Shores had in no shape or form been involved with the application. Whats even better is that this washes off, and you can start all over again tomorrow. No need for scrubbing with lemons or expensive stinky fake tan and brown bed sheets – this shizzle is the future, people. And no, this is not sponsored. This is the real deal.

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