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As you know, a few weeks ago, I started to knit a hat available from Wool & The Gang. I haven’t knitted since I was around 7 and even then, all I ever knitted was a square, it never turned into anything that resembled, well, anything. But knitting is like eating chocolate, something you never forget. So imagine my excitement when I finished knitting this imperfect Zion Hat last weekend. I mean, I can actually wear it. Amaze. And in all honesty, this was pretty easy to knit. Not in the beginning, but thats because I was pretty much a novice. But after a few rows, I could have easily have finished this in one day, so I really tried to stretch it out because, frankly, I didn’t want it to stop. And the wool, let me tell you, the wool is so soft yet so thick it makes the hat so comfortable to wear. I love it.

P.S Take a look at the hats made for the Giles Deacon Show at London Fashion Week two weeks ago by Wool & The Gang – they rock! And Lady Delevingne was also spotted with Katie Grand taking on her own little project. Now I bet you want one.

I’m wearing a baseball tee by ASOS / Scarf via eBay / Hat by me from Wool & The Gang

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