Berlin Diary / Part II











Whilst in Berlin for Fashion Week, I was lucky enough to attend Premium with Harriet from Elle Magazine and Lucia from Marie Claire. Premium is a trade show mainly for fashion buyers but it also plays an important part within the media and it turns out that its an awesome place to discover new or lesser known brands, especially if you’re visiting from another country. The show itself was spread over a huge space, with one large hall which had rabbit-warren-like rooms leading away from the main space, from every angle. We had limited time so we stuck to the main route, however in the hour that we had to run around, I came across a couple of brands which definitely appealed to the styles I’m drawn to.

First up, Bread & Boxers, a Swedish basics underwear brand, created with simplicity, comfort and functionality in mind. Their packaging and ethics were definitely their selling point. See more here.

Another brand I totally fell for is Stand, another Scandinavian brand, this time specialising in contemporary fashion-led leather pieces – if I didn’t have to run, I’d have been trying on everything they had to offer – buttery soft leather cut for the feminine shape with an effortless rock-cool attitude. I’m sold and I think you might be too. See what they have to offer here.

Part three (the final part) to come, so stay tuned…

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