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Lately, my own wardrobe has had a set number of pieces on constant rotation, leaving other pieces with not even a look in. These items are generally black, white, grey, denim and knitwear. Boring? Perhaps for some. Not for me. I’ve finally found what works for me and this is it. I’ve always been drawn to classic wardrobe items with a flourish of something unique but recently, I’ve been paring them back, adding in texture rather than pattern, adding sneakers to a look for an element of ‘yeah, I just found these on my bedroom floor’ – y’know, that look where you’ve tried hard to look like you’ve not tried hard. That look we all try to achieve with hair and makeup but actually it would seem Pat McGrath and Lisa Eldridge are the only masters of recreating this look.

Some people can’t be bothered to even think about what they’re going to wear when they get out of bed, but they always look good – thats because they don’t try too hard. Thats why so many boys look so good – its because they pull the same jeans and tshirt off the floor, wear them over and over and over until they start to fade and get a little holey and stretched and they start to gain some character. We try and achieve the same look by buying pieces made to look old but frankly, it just doesn’t work. You have to WEAR them. Like, really wear them. My ripped up Gap jeans have been worn more times than I care to count – they’ve ripped and worn away on their own and they’re the most complimented piece of clothing I own. Its because they’ve been lived in. They have their own story to tell.

Anyway, I’m digressing, just a little. This is linked, tenuously, to what I’m trying to say, which is I was reading in January British Vogue the other night about three ladies who  wear two different looks. A daytime uniform and an evening transitional look. The article ‘Double Take’ (p97) (yes, I borrowed the same headline) features Barbara Casasola, the Brazilian designer, Sabine Ghanem, the jewellery and Kate Phelan, fashion editor of British Vogue who all talk about the daytime uniform – hair up, for functional austerity, a monochromatic palette, comfort and practicalities. These are all successful women who get jobs done. They look good whilst doing it but this doesn’t translate as their priority (except, of course, they all look incredible). I’m definitely coming around to the idea of a daily uniform. A collection of five white shirts, five pairs of jeans, five pairs of pointy court shoes, two handbags and an array of coats in a rainbow of mid tones. You could never ever go wrong. But its important to be extravagant when off-duty – turn into a bohemian beach goddess in the summer months, or a 70’s basketball throwback with legs for days, slouchy socks and battered sneakers, because thats the only time you can really get away with these looks.

But listen, this is just my opinion (that I share with Vogue) – you dress how you like. This is only what works for me. If you feel like dressing up in a particular style every day of the week, then do it. Life’s too short.

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