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Happy new year, kids! Let’s stop looking back (we’re not going that way) and start looking forward to an even better year than the last one. I hope that your year is filled with happiness, health and the energy to make your hopes and dreams come true. So, let’s start 2014 with…well, with a new pair of shoes, of course.

Inspiration can be delivered to us in many different guises-for me, it’s editorials, magazines, Pinterest, old books, vintage photos of New Yorkers and Instagram. Instagram is a window into someone else’s world, sometimes a look behind closed doors or just how someone may choose to be perceived. It is already and is becoming a hugely powerful tool and I am 100% under it’s spell.

One of my favourite sources of inspiration is Mija of Mija Mija, who represents a blend of minimalism and laid back Cali-cool. Her photos are always so well taken, of razor-sharp quality and her style is trend-setting and influential, which leads me nicely into explaining my latest purchase – these rare Adidas mesh hi-tops. After reading about Mija’s vintage Adidas hi-tops, I knew immediately I needed some in my life and totally by luck came across this mesh pair on eBay. They arrived this morning and they’re literally the coolest pair of kicks I’ve seen in a while (well, since Mija’s anyway. Even my girl Sofia agreed). After trying them on, I noticed they have ‘sample’ written on the back of the tongue and after having a little browse around the internet, they really do seem like one of the only pairs around…which, for me, for their uniqueness, makes them even more awesome.

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