Sport For Amica January 2014

Amica_No_1_Gennaio_2014 (dragged) 2When you know, you know and I know that I love this editorial, full of bright, minimal, voluminous whites. Always a winner.

Amica_No_1_Gennaio_2014 (dragged) 3

Amica_No_1_Gennaio_2014 (dragged) 4

Amica_No_1_Gennaio_2014 (dragged) 5

Amica_No_1_Gennaio_2014 (dragged) 8

Amica_No_1_Gennaio_2014 (dragged) 9

Amica_No_1_Gennaio_2014 (dragged) 13model: luca gajdus (img) / photographer: driu + tiago / stylist: paolo turina (free-lancer) / hair: olivier de vriendt (artlist) / make-up: helene vasnier (artlist)

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