The Cadenzza Concept

So, you know I like jewellery, right? As if I need anymore excuses to go shopping, Cadenzza throws a bejewelled spanner in works by launching a new multi-brand concept store. The idea behind this retail experience is to fill the gap between affordable costume jewellery and luxury high-end pieces with seasonally curated trend-led pieces spanning a variety of styles and price ranges.  I was invited to visit the store shortly after its opening on Long Acre, Covent Garden to see for myself and was met with bright lights and enough sparkle to become a new-born star. Each jewellery trend is cleverly and practically merchandised editorially using moveable magnetic display bars which can be freely positioned to allow these pieces of jewellery to shine in exactly the way they were designed (also making it so easy to try on whatever you like, which can be financially damaging in my experience).


Grace Earrings by Swarovski Crystallized


Hayden Earrings by Auden



Coelocanth Necklace by Cabinet



Legend Bracelet by Swarovski Crystallized


Personally, my favourite brands within the Cadenzza store are Vita Fede (this Eclipse Bracelet was and still is on my mind especially), Auden and without a doubt, by a mile, Pamela Love. I could happily wear this art-deco, Native American Empire Reflection Bracelet daily.

The best thing about this concept store is that there is something for everyone – not everything is embellished if you’re not a crystal lover, so Alex Monroe might suit your taste or if you have more of a darker rock style, then Bernard Delettrez could be the one (his tiny skull rings are the coolest finger candy). At the highest end, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace and Oscar De La Renta are the luxe stars of the show, posing with their gilded extravagance and playful irreverence.

And after you’ve selected your hero piece, Cadenzza will pack it up in a cerulean, lime green or dusky rose coloured gift box, which you can have embossed with a selection of personalised messages….so, what are you waiting for? If its too late for Christmas, then New Years Eve is around the corner. And if you already have NYE sorted, then your birthday is the perfect event to spoil yourself. I can come up with any excuse, so I’ll call it a day now, otherwise we could be here all night.

See what Cadenzza has in store for yourself here.







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