Muru jewellery is the perfect type of jewellery – simple, meaningful and classic. With an ethnic flavour, its talisman theme tells a story, allowing the wearer to express themselves quietly but with clarity. I recently discovered Muru and for me, these pieces are my favourite – the Talisman Ancient Coin Necklace and Ancient Coin Studs, are powerful charms for attracting wealth ; the Elephant Necklace and Elephant Studs are a symbol of determination and strength of character, the Hamsa Hand Bracelet is an amulet recognised for its powers of protection and repelling the evil eye and the Prosperity Dreamcatcher Bracelet is a protective charm, trapping negative energy to pave the way for dream-making. When I select anything to wear now, I choose special things I can wear everyday – understated yet unique and these Muru pieces fit these requirements perfectly.

P.S. Muru customer service is the cream of the crop.

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