Working against the wind.







The day you choose to wear at hat must, by the law of sod, be a windy one and that it was. This hat almost didn’t make it home yesterday whilst having these photos taken. Thankfully, I managed to save it and it promptly protected my hair for the oncoming rain storm that ensued as we departed. Anyway, enough weather talk. I’ve been looking for the ‘right’ black hat for a while, one of quality, one with the perfect size brim, one with a very modest amount of decoration and I struggled. I had a good budget, and so typically couldn’t find ‘the one’. I ordered a beautiful charcoal grey French Connection fedora which was too big for my head. I saw another fedora at ASOS which I loved but felt the gold detailing was a little overstated for an everyday hat. Topshop sold out of all their smart black hats (which, of course, is now back in stock) and then I came across this one from River Island at ASOS. At first, I was a little unsure about the crown – I wanted one with a slight dip down the middle, like a traditional trilby, and this one initally made me feel like a saddled up Gaucho about to embark on a ride across the Argentinian Pampas which strangely enough is what then made me realise how much I actually like this version, though next time, I’ll check the weather before I step out.

I’m wearing a hat from River Island from ASOS, biker jacket from Wallis, Olive Green knitted jumper from Topshop, Jeans from Gap, Patent Chelsea Boots from Zara, Claw bracelet from Claires, rings from Bouton, Scarf from Rae Feather, Bag from Chanel.

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