Black Lace.

Christmas. A time for relaxing, sharing, laughing and opening….erm….i’m-so-grateful-you-were-so-thoughtful-but-i’d-rather-you-had-saved-your-money gifts with floaty gift receipts which spontaneously disappear into paper-oblivion. As grateful as we all are, its never easy trying to hide disappointment when opening a gift you would probably not choose, because no-one wants to have to hide their feelings unless they’re ones of positivity. Some people know exactly what to buy us, they know us better than we know ourselves (seriously, how does that happen?) and other people display the buying-behaviour of a total stranger. So, when Marks & Spencer approached me to ask me if my husband and I would like to take part in a little Christmas-present-buying challenge, we saw no point staring a proverbial gift horse in the mouth (sorry I’m not sorry).

According to Marie Claire Online, £100k is wasted at Christmas time, after men purchase unwanted lingerie for their partners. Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me (though clearly those gift receipts combusted) because it would seem women generally buy lingerie for themselves, not for their partners; they buy it because it makes them feel confident, and pretty. Men seem to buy women underwear which is sexy, and sexy can be uncomfortable, too revealing and therefore offputting. Confidence is a massive issue with women, as we all know – there’s so much pressure to be a particular size, shape and type – post-baby, post-surgery, post-50 – so the added pressure of sexy lingerie is the last thing one might need.

So, with this in mind, Marks & Spencer challenged my husband and I to a little shopping. I mean, it wasn’t such a challenge for obvious reasons, however it was a task set for us and we happily obliged. My husband was tasked with choosing some lingerie for me (I know) – meanwhile, I had to select pieces online that I would choose. The idea was to see if what my husband would choose for me would be what I would select.

The results? I chose this, this and this……

….and he bought me this…



Rosie for Autograph Deco Embroidered Padded Bra & Rosie for Autograph Embroidered Brazilian Knickers

So, he got my size right and he got my style right. I would probably have chosen white over black however this is a small technicality (I’d take the same one in a different colour) – curiously, finding what he wanted wasn’t an easy task though. Mr A noticed that the lingerie was displayed with the larger sizes at the front of the rail, rather than traditionally the other way around which made it seem that there were no smaller sizes. He wasn’t offered any help whilst browsing and wasn’t overly impressed by the quality of the fabric, however the Rosie for Autograph was by far the better range. My husband has bought me underwear on two occasions before now – from Aubade and La Perla and both were such beautiful sets of lingerie – he knows me well and I am a very lucky girl indeed. So, its definitely third time lucky this time around…

For the entire Rosie for Autograph range at Marks & Spencer, click here.

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