It’s very easy to be critical. Its very easy to be negative. Generally, my outlook on life is cheery, positive and grateful (some might say rose-tinted and naive but I would always disagree). However, there are times when I’m beyond critical, hard to please and this is unhealthy. When this is the case, its pretty much always about my own work. For example, this photo isn’t right, because of my arm. This photo could be better, if I was standing this way. Why is my foot placed like that? No, I can’t use these photos because they’re just not what I envisioned. Often, it can be good to be this way, because complacency will never become an issue. Its important to never stop trying, never stop improving, never stop learning. But, sometimes, you have to know where to draw the line, because some things, you simply can never change. And in this case, its time to take a step back and look at what is really important. And we all know what that is…..

I’m wearing a vintage lace top underneath a grey-marl t-shirt from H&M ; trousers also from H&M ; boots by Sam Edelman and linen jacket from River Island (similar here)


Image via Feathers & Frills on Instagram

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